Sunday, 22 January 2017


This past week has been one of milestones.

My birthday sunrise, before work.

Thursday was my birthday, the big 3 0.
How an earth did that happen?
I am sure my mother is having the same thoughts at having a 30yr old daughter.
I think I've been a bit worried about reaching this age milestone but now I've leapt over that fence, it really is just another number.
Actually, it was a pretty non eventful day with just work, where I did get a little spoilt and get cake (which was needed after a morning of 12 toddler cyclones in the room), and antenatal class. It was over in the blink of an eye. 
I am hoping for a great year ahead and for another awesome 30 to follow filled with fun, family, growth, joy, new experiences and much more.

Saturday saw me reach 30 weeks.
Yet again, how an earth did that happen?
This whole pregnancy is speeding by.


This week I also managed to be awake for the sunrise a few mornings AND to get out for photos at the lookout on Lake Morris/ Copperlode Dam road on Friday morning.

How exciting, the sun was actually out! 

Obviously, as per usual, I don't have a life beyond work (51 hours + travel this week) so the small things turn into big things. When I actually realise how many hours I've done between both jobs, I guess my tiredness is justified.

It was nice to get out and enjoy the quiet of the morning.

I better enjoy this while I can.
Speaking of which, 30 weeks means the paperwork for my parental leave from my night fill job has been handed in. End date in sight!

Thursday night we headed off to our second antenatal class, Mr Sparky under duress. I might have had a bit of a bit of freak out about not being ready for all this during and after class but a good nights sleep and this sunrise helped to put that behind me.

Sometimes I way overthink things. Well if you listen to Mr Sparky, it is more like all the time.

But hey, how could a view like this not sooth worries.

A bonus was that because of the recent rain the little waterfall on this road was flowing, not a lot but still pretty to see.

Friday was a day off for me, not that I did much other than washing and paperwork and of cause my little sunrise drive. I did have to go to work that night though. What a way at wreck a day off.

I just pretend my birthday was extended for a day so that I got to spend it more how I wanted to rather than at work like I did.

29 weeks + 6 days - me and my chins and my lens in my back pocket.

What do you like to do on your days off or days alone?
Any milestones coming up for you?

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Rains are Here ...

Well, my last post probably explains a bit of why I've been slack on the blogging, tired you know. Actually, I've been pretty occupied (read 'busy') lately. I've been working full time at day care since Christmas as well as my four nights a week. Talk about burning the candle at both ends. Before Christmas wasn't too much better, really. I'm not sure how long this will last to tell the truth. 

We've been getting a bit of rain up here in the Far North. I guess you could say the wet season is here. It has basically rained at some stage every day since ... well since I got home from my little holiday. Better gird my loins for this one, we've got a while to go of the wet stuff (not that I am complaining, yet). The heat an humidity however is fair game on the complaining scale.

All this rain tumbling down means the area is coming back to life ... green grass, happy gardens, running rivers, soggy rain forest, WATERFALLS.

I am pretty sure the Barron Falls has made the nation news, it has certainly been all over the local news, along with the localised flooding, which really means anywhere in the the northern parts of Aus.

Last weekend we headed to Kuranda (7th Jan) to pick up some electrical business related things and I insisted on coming along and on a visit to the falls. I wasn't taking no for an answer.
The falls were certainly impressive. I am pretty sure they haven't run like that since Dec 2015, but I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time. Let's just say that was the last time I saw them running.

All that water thundering down.
It was certainly a popular spot to visit on the weekend, everyone wanting to see the falls running after months and month and months of nothing much.

So, on the weekend, we did the whole baby belly shot thing in a different location. I've been trying to take one every week, just for me. Usually I just set up the tripod and do it myself but this time I handed the camera over to Mr Sparky. He decided to get all creative on me.

Holy cow, I'm 3rd trimester already! 28 weeks (well 28 weeks on the day this was taken, I guess that means 29 now)

So, you could say this post is a 'nearly' on time, up to date, one. Well, if up to date is a week ago, that is. You see, I planned on posting this much earlier but you know, life got in the way. Life meaning work and sleep.

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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Secrets and Surprises

I've seen out the old year and welcomed in the new. 
Every year is a new adventure, a new chapter to fill, a journey to continue with destination unknown and this coming year should certainly be one filled to the brim. 

We've been keeping a little something pretty quiet, our own little secret surprise.
This is one of those secrets that has been fairly well kept. Well to a certain degree. 
I've told family and friends but now it is certainly out in the open, being official in the the social media world as of the new year.

Do you want to know what it is?
Maybe you've guessed already (or maybe you've been hanging out on instagram).

Mr Sparky and I have a little Possum joining the family!

Due on the 1st of April (a little fool like its daddy), there are somewhere around 13weeks until we meet this little one. While I am happy to have it baking away for now, I can't wait ... we can't wait!

We are keeping everyone in suspense, and frustrating a few, by not finding out whether Possum is a girl or boy. 
By the way did you know how hard it is to find neutral clothes at the moment? 
To start off with I thought I would really want to know but know I like the fact that I don't.
Mr Sparky is voting boy (of cause) and I really don't have a clue.

We haven't done much in the way of finding baby stuff. I've found a couple of suits and singlets and been gifted a few more. We also came home from Christmas loaded with some handmade goodies to keep our tropical bub, snug. I love having such creative and talented family members!

 So now I've let you in on our little secret, that is definitely not a secret any more, I'm off to do some bump growing.

Have you had any good secrets brewing lately?

Sunday, 1 January 2017

And along came 2017

Another year has ended and a new one begun.
New adventures to have.
New memories to make.

I watched the sun set on 2016 and thought of how much has happened over the last 12 months.

The ups and downs and the memories made.

I have thought many times 'it was a good year'.

So as a new year starts, here is to another 'good' year!

One filled with ups and downs.

One with many sunrises and sunsets.

A year filled with family and friends.

Days and weeks full of precious moments.

A year that challenges and pushes, making comfort zones bigger.

A year that brings laughter and joy.

One that helps dreams come true no matter how big or small.

 I hope your new year brings you this and so much more.

I'm not that into the whole 'a new year is a new beginning'.

It just isn't. 
There is a story that comes before that is needed to make this one what it is.

It is more a writing new chapters, or maybe picking one up half way through. 
It is adding to that book of your life.

So I am off to add to my book, and hopefully live it well.

Enjoy living your story, it is yours after all.

May this year bring you all that you need.

Happy New Year!

I spent my New Year's Eve playing Uno with family, having fun with sparklers and, because we managed to stay awake that long (just), watching the Sydney fireworks on t.v. We were making memories.

How did you spend your New Years?