Monday, 17 October 2011

Mustering October

It is mustering time again. A bit late but better late than never.

Mustering here mainly happens on horses.

Getting ready to go.
Last week mustering started. All the cows need to be brought into the yards be given their needles and have their calves/ weaners taken off them.

Nothing like a good dust bath.
I think they happened to choose the hottest week so far with storms brewing and on occasions dropping some much needed rain.  I don't believe however that working cattle on horse back in the rain would be the most comfortable experience however at least it is cooler once it does.

Ready and waiting.
Only two days of work have been done so far but when finished what should be around 500 weaners will then be tailed along the fence lines for around two weeks so that they learn how to go into a mob and stay together for when they are mustered in the future.

Putting on spurs.

Off they go.

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