Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Among many things that were part of my life before becoming a governess, I was member of Girl Guides, a Guide leader. Well actually I shouldn't say was as I some how seem to have managed to still be in that role. For now however I am with Lone Guides and well that is another story and completely off topic.

The campsite ... there are more tents.

On the last weekend of my week away I was lucky enough to be a guest leader on the local Girl Guides bush camp. I was especially lucky as I was put (well put myself) on boy/ brother sitting detail which meant I (and he) got to sleep in our own comfy, warm beds and use a proper shower and toilet. Ok, so the bathing in a tin tub in a tent isn't so bad but honestly who wants to when they don't have to. So basically I got to take part in the best bits of camp while staying warm at night (as long as you don't count setting up and packing up).

The toilet to the left and the bathroom to the right.

This being a bush camp and there being no fire restrictions meant that there was lots of fire involved. There was plenty of fire for cooking ...

... and then there was THE fire. The one where we were abiding by the wishes of the land owner (hehe, us) and taught the girls about lighting up fires on a farm to burn off or dispose of the piles of dead wood and weeds.

Oh, and yes it met regulations being smaller that 2m x 2m (just) and it had plenty of eyes watching it (even if some belonged to persons who were a bit undersized).

The male infiltrating the girls camp ... he thought it was the best thing ever.
This was something that the girls found fascinating and thought was even better when it became our camp fire that night keeping everyone toasty warm as we sat around singing songs of guiding, exotic places (My Ship Sailed From China) and animals (Alice The Camel), songs about being happy (If You're Happy And You Know It) and about fire (Fire, Fire, Fire/ Old Lady Leary).

It was a very relaxed weekend doing something I hadn't realised I had missed taking part in.

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