Thursday, 7 November 2013


 Finally, it happened, after days of excitedly getting ready and bouncing around the house.

Finally after picking some strange deciding to fruit again strawberries.

Finally after cooking and eating a meat pie for dinner.

Finally after impatiently waiting FOREVER ...
they arrived.

There was my gorgeous niece Miss E

and my handsome, grown up brother Bro S.
There was my Mum, my Aunt and my Sis C (Miss E's Mummy).
They poured into my home, filling it with family and noise and all the things I had buried deep and forgot I missed.
 There was even the donuts they thoughtfully after hints brought with them. Ah the airport gift.

Then far too soon they left again, hightailing it back south to get on with their lives while I get on with mine. I was overwhelmingly sad to see them leave. My family moments are all too brief and spread too far apart these days.

Does your family live nearby or are they at a safe or unsafe distance?

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  1. Nice strawberries! My family are spread out everywhere. It's lovely when we get to catch up but it's not often. That pie looks delicious too :)

  2. I left my family in the UK - and was adopted by my (Australian) wife's family when I got here - but I think everybody knows its not really the same!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Most of my close family live in the same town. My little sis lives in another state and I wish she lived closer. Family get togethers are so special, and yes noisy :)

  4. Beautiful photos of your family. Mine is spread out as well so we don't catch up that often, but thankfully we have phones and blogs and other ways to connect.

  5. I live in the city and my family is in the bush. I wish they lived closer!

  6. Super cute looking niece. Nothing better than when you can harvest your own food. My family are close and sometimes a little too close. But that is family.

  7. Thanks floodproofmum, the strawberries tasted good as well. My family are pretty spread out. We manage to cover from Cairns to Sydney with honorary members in other far reaching locations like Thursday Island and even Japan.

  8. Hi Stewart, No it isn't the same but when it is what you have it is awesome. I guess that means when you do get to see your UK family it is extra special.

  9. Hi Alicia, I love family get togethers they are chaotic yet comfortable. I started the moving away trend and well seem to be the only one to actually do it. The rest of my immediate family are either at home or not too far away from it. No hang on it was my mum who started it moving to the Darling Downs from Sydney putting many hours between her and my Grandparents.

  10. Hi Rockysprings, all I can say is thank goodness for facebook, email, blogs, phones and Skype. Unfortunately it just isn't as good as the real thing but it is as good as it gets. You must really miss your family sometimes.

  11. Hi Anne, I did it the other way to start with, well not really because a farm is not the city but well the distance thing is the same and now I am also in the city and they are on the farm. I wish I was closer and not in a city but it is a new adventure and things will change again I am sure. The distance can get so hard sometimes especially around birthdays or celebrations and events.

  12. Hi Jacana, she is super cute and has personality to boot. I love being able to harvest and eat what I have grown, not that we get much. I think all families get like that but we still love them and wouldn't change them.


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