Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Down at the Wharf

Last week I had a week off from Nova, it was a week with no student bookings. Monday felt a little strange but after that I enjoyed the break. I also enjoyed taking a different car for a spin but that is another story. So after a months of full time and night work as well I think I was pretty exhausted. I would love the Nova job to become more full time so I could just do it but anyway. So one thing I knew that was coming up was a ship coming to visit that could be toured. So on Friday I finally got my butt into gear and headed down to the wharf for a look.

First I had a look at the wharf to see what else I could see. Where we have our farewell BBQs with Nova is near here and it is always an interesting spot. For someone who grew up inland I have seemed to develop a pretty good interest in boats. Not the mechanics or anything, I just like watching them. Maybe I am my Grandfather's granddaughter, he loves watching boats on his beach holidays. Maybe it is just the vicinity to water. I did grow up on the Darling Downs after it had decided to stop raining properly for say 20+ years. Maybe it is to do with my beach and ocean love. Yep I definitely belong to the family I am from, they may not live near the ocean but it has always been a huge part of their lives, our lives, my life. Oh the beach holidays ...

Okay so back to the boats and stuff before I abandon ship altogether in search of a beach holiday with waves.

It was a lovely morning to be down there, sunny, cool breeze, lovely weather.

So after checking out the scenery and other boats I finally got close to the ship I was seeking.  It is currently being chartered by YWAM or Youth With A Mission. They had sailed to Cairns and were holding an open ship so the public could see their dreams and hear their stories.

Ooo look more boats.

 Okay, turn the camera the other way and get back to the YWAM ship.

So this ship was a cruise ship but is now YWAM's newest aquisition, well I shouldn't say that because
they are still in need of a few million dollars in funding to buy the ship and complete some renovations to her such as fitting out the equivalent of a floating doctors surgery or a medical clinic. There aim is for her to become their new medical and training ship.

She will sail to Papua New Guinea to give aid to those living in remote areas who have no medical facilities close by. Her volunteers will provide medical care in the form of a dentistry, optometry, vaccinations, child birthing, disease prevention and hygiene lessons and however else they can depending on what medical professionals are available to give their time. There also many other volunteers who help out with this, that and everything from teaching teeth brushing and hygiene to helping with outpatient care. To me it sounds like a great dream to achieve. But that is enough of the writing and now it is time for some more pictures. So aboard we go.

I think the Captain has a great view!

So does everyone else.

This is a great invention, a portable, solar powered dentist chair that can fold down to about the size a backpack. Ywam want to distribute this around remote communities in PNG.

Some more great views from the ship, I think I could handle spending a fair bit of time aboard, if I didn't get motion sick.

We got to see the area that would become the medical clinic as well as check out the sleeping arrangements for the volunteers, very nice.

It was certainly interesting both the information about what they do and the boat itself.

If you want to check out more or see when it is coming near you (East coast of Aus only) have a look at their website, here.

I then had another look around the wharf and saw that there was another ship to see, it had arrived while I wasn't looking.

It was a good way to spend my time, a great morning seeing some of the familiar and something new.
Have you checked out something new? Do you have a thing for boats or the ocean?



  1. I am not a big fan of boats, as I get seasick. I did go to Tassie on the Spirit years ago. I was surprisingly good on that, maybe because I was asleep. If I had of done the day trip, it would have been a totally different story, probably.

    1. I love canoes but I am a motion sick person so going on boats worries me that way. Also I have no balance. When I've been to islands I've been fine though.

  2. Great photos, those clouds are divine.


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