Thursday 5 February 2015

Last Night at The Farm

Wow, I'm getting slack on the blogging front again. I guess I've been a little busy but in different ways to usual.
Last week we headed south for a little bit of a holiday. After a quick look in at the Sunshine Coast, a quick dip and a catch up with my Grandparents, our taxi (meaning Mum) took us back to The Farm. Tonight is our last night at The Farm before heading north again. We will, of cause, have another little stop off at the coast before our flight. 
This trip has flown. We've painted, tripped, done odd jobs and visited. We've walked in early morning light or evening light, just enjoying the country feel. This evening's sunset put on a pretty show, as it did every evening, each different from the last.

Grass, green and reasonable plentiful, something I haven't seen in these parts for a while.

Dead trees and sunsets, always something special.

Clouds and quiet country roads, perfect for viewing and walking (well maybe not walking on clouds).

Loved seeing the twittering and flitting every morning and night.

Come clouds, come, more rain will be loved as the grass is already browning off.

That pine looks massive, towering over the 129ish yr old family home.

The view over the neighbour's place is always good at this time of day.


  1. Replies
    1. They were. I haven't seen a sunset since a few days after then either as it has been rainy in North Qld.

  2. I love those fence photos! Those old wooden fences are the best.

    1. Thanks. I know old fences have so much character!


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