Saturday 4 April 2015

Waterfall Wading

Oh my god I am so bloody itchy! 
Have been scratching non stop for the last few days. 
No, I don't have chicken pox. I've got the scars that say I've already had that bout of itchyness. 
No, it isn't hives. I've had them too but have still no idea what set that lovely itchy incident off.
Ugh, mozzie bites. Tens upon tens upon tens of them. Well could be some other bite but I'll stick with the mosquito idea. No joke I counted 31 on my ankles yesterday. Yes my Friday was that interesting and yes I might have miscounted, it is probably more. That isn't counting the bunch I have on my back, right where my shirt and pants like to part friendship while I am bending over or crouching while taking photos.


I have no idea where I got them although I have a few choices the beach, Esplanade or waterfall. My bets are on the waterfall. Before you even think of asking, mind you I am probably a bit late for that, I was wearing inset repellant. I practically shower in that stuff. Being that the bites are on my ankles I'd say I stood in water so that cuts the Esplanade out, unless of cause they are something else.
Oh I forgot for a few seconds the ones on my wrist. Urgh STOP SCRATCHING! By the way tea tree oil is good or tea tree oil cream, that is until it wears off.

Anyway enough about my mozzie bites (lets not think about those mosquito born diseases please).
I'm  also pretty sure you don't want to hear about the rank dead rat smell outside. Do you think I can locate that lovely thing? Well I can trace the smell but no rat to be seen. I know it is a rat, we might have helped with its demise. 
I am also sure you don't want to hear about my doing nothing much, housework and blog reading so instead I'll stick to pretty waterfall photos. Probably where I got those mozzie bites.

I have been to Isabella Falls on the edge of the city once before and blogged about it here if you want to go back and check it out.

This time there was a bit more water making me wish I'd come before now when there would have been even more water.

Like last time I didn't bother with sensible footwear fully intending to get my feet wet.

Unlike last time however I did remember the insect repellant. The scratchy from last time was enough for me never to forget again.

I ditched my thongs on the edge of the water and happily waded around in the water to take photos.

 At one point I was knee deep in water after avoiding the slippery moss covered rocks trying to get down low photos.

I am pretty good at taking crooked photos, straight ones are something I have to work on all the time. Sometimes I can pretend it is on purpose and that I am being all artistic, sometimes it is on purpose. I'm not about to reveal which photos fall into which category.

The water was crystal clear.

My toes also got a bit of a nibble a few times. It was a friendly one I am sure. I think it was a little yabbie, or something like that, that I saw.

Up to my knees in water, butt in the air with my hand the only thing between the water and a drenched camera. Yep, that is my style.

I did wander around this area, getting closer to the waterfall, seeing what angles I could see.

I didn't however wander any further like last time. It was getting a bit hot and late in the morning for that.

Plus I was enjoying having my feet in the cool water too much to remove them and walk on land.

I know many are starting to get lower, more Autumnal, temps around Aus and are possibly thinking I am mad but we are still averaging around 30 degrees C during the day and apparently we are supposed to get down to 23 tonight, yay.

I have noticed the sun is rising a tiny bit later, setting a little earlier and that the early mornings have a slight refreshing feel to them.

But during the day, well more early afternoon, we are still getting a bit uncomfortable. Okay so right now I am wonder why we don't have the air con on when I am sitting still and am rather drippy. 

Today actually feels like it is building for rain. Let's hope so.

When it rains the water runs and when the water runs the waterfalls get bigger.

I like waterfalls.

Also our wet season has been pretty light.

Looking at these pics is making me think of going and jumping in a nice cool creek or even the swimming pool. Ah, maybe that is what I should do.

Do you like a nice waterfall or finding a nice quiet place to relax?
Do the mozzies love you like they seem to love me?
What is the weather doing at your place?


  1. wow, that is a gorgeous place. So much to enjoy there even a dragonfly :)

    1. Thanks @NatureFootstep, it is a beautiful place hidden under our eyes. Dragonflies seem to be everywhere at the moment.


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