Monday, 17 August 2015

Rundown of last week

Last week hit me for six. It knocked the stuffing out of me.
That saying fits it perfectly as it was a six day working week.
So here is a run down ...

Morning: Our first English lessons at Nova with the group of junior high school and high school students. 
Afternoon: A three hour walking tour of Cairns including shops and shopping time, the Esplanade and Lagoon along with some local wildlife.
Night: Supermarket night fill for four hours until 11pm

On display in Cairns Central

Day 2
Morning: Pre sunrise wake up. Early morning washing. Lessons about direction or my lack of it and learning the names of some native animals with a lesson in how to play hangman included.
Afternoon: Animal shows, stamp collecting and Koala cuddling at the Cairns Wildlife Dome followed by some souvenir shopping time.
Night: Five hours of nightfill where I was the only person from our three person team that changes specials who was there. Talk about stressing out about something I had no need to stress out about because it just wasn't my issue to deal with, other than doing my actual job. Wanting to cry and tiredness involved.

Day 3:
Morning: Yet another pre sunrise wake up followed by yet another load of washing so I had work clothes for the night job. Lessons about shopping and an animal guessing game.
Afternoon: An hour bus trip there and back to Palm Cove where we enjoyed the sun, breeze, sand and sea together with some shopping time and icecream eating. Mmmm homemade macadamia and white chocolate ice cream. Lots of nodding heads on the return trip and possible napping on my part.
Night: Dragged feet to night fill with more wanting to sit in the aisle and bawl my eyes out. Tiredness and unreasonable thinking had taken a firm hold. Note to self, call in sick when you feel like this next time.

Day 4
Morning: Dragging self out of bed. Lessons about something or other, maybe booking a tour and pretending to book tours. Also pretend practice shopping as a reminder or what to say.
Afternoon: Back to the Cairns Wildlife Dome but this time for Zoom. Took part in some high ropes fun and then watched the kids do more levels including the power jump (controlled free fall) and zip line over Goliath the crocodile. Reminded of my lack of balance but of how fun this stuff is anyway. Some free shopping time for the kids.
Night: SLEEP

Day 5
Morning: Wake up before sunrise but for a change don't feel like the living dead. Washing. Lessons about ordering food and practice in our very own Nova McDonalds with cheap burgers and expensive sauces as the kids came up with the prices themselves. 
Afternoon: BBQ tim at the Lagoon. Yummy cooking smells followed by a tasty lunch. Swimming for the kids who thought the water was freezing (it was a bit) but who kept getting back in anyway. Some final souvenir shopping time.
Night: Night fill again but in a more mentally stable state. A 100% no was given to working an extra shift on Saturday night.

Well you will have to wait and see what happened that day on the next post.

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  1. What a busy, busy week Anne! Good cal on not working that extra shift - sometimes our mental and emotional health are worth more than the dollars we earn. Intrigued about what happened on Saturday now!

  2. You are a busy bee. Look after yourself and most definitely NO to an extra shift xx

    I get dizzy just looking at those high rope photos. Your other photos just make me want to be relaxing somewhere sunny and warm!

  3. Love the photos especially the animals. You have had a busy time. Hope relaxation comes your way very soon. Joan at


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