Monday, 30 May 2016

Bringing the Mountains Alive

We've been having some gorgeous, clear, rather too summer like weather over the last few days but last weekend was a different matter. Last weekend it rained, and rained and rained. It was record breaking rain that in just a couple of days left us with the wettest May since 1920. It was a bit of treat considering what a flop the wet season was this year. Rain like this is what brings the mountains and waterways alive.

Walsh's Pyramid turned on the water works with multiple waterfalls clearly seen running down the mountain. A couple of days later these were no longer there.

Sis G had come up for the weekend so she got to see first hand mountains shrouded by cloud and water running everywhere. Her reaction was like what my first one was. Come to think of it, I still get excited. We didn't exactly grow up in an area that turned on misty mountains and waterfalls.

On Sunday, she had to head back south and I decided to come part of the way with her so we could look around a little together.
It didn't take long for something to catch my eye, the Pyramid for one and the swollen Mulgrave River for another.

We aimed for Babinda Boulders and were planning on a late lunch at the Bakery. Well that was closed that Sunday and so was pretty much everything else except for the Kool Spot Cafe. Oh, their fish and chips was delicious. Just thinking about it makes me want to head back again.
After our extremely enjoyable lunch we headed to the Boulders. Now, this is when I realise I haven't actually shared my last visit with you so there is nothing to compare it with. Well let me tell you, this time it looked the polar opposite of my last visit. Rushing and raging, Babinda Creek was putting on a show.

We walked along the Devil's Pool track to the lookouts over the creek. 

The best view of all was through a break in the trees looking back up stream at a waterfall. I believe last time I could hardly see any water going over the rocks.

The final lookout over the gorge left us with a view of foaming water raging off into the distant trees.

 We, meaning I, dawdled along watching the mist on the mountains and the flowing water. Well I wasn't the only one, Sis G was aiming for the perfect selfie and was enjoying the natural beauty just as much as me.

There is a legend or dreamtime story about the Babinda Boulders that you can find here. It is an interesting read telling of how the boulders came to be and also possibly giving a bit of a water safety message. 

Last time I was at the Boulders I went swimming here. Knowing how fast the creek was flowing there is no way I would have gotten in this time. Not only that but that water is cold there, and the rain was cooling us off enough.

Unfortunately, then it was time for us to part ways. Sis G needed to seriously head south so she wasn't home too late.  It was so nice to spend the time with her even though, as per usual, it was too short.

On the way home I stopped to take photos of the heavy clouds and smoking mountains. A bit of a joke from the weekend, sometimes that wispy, misty cloud looks like smoke coming off the mountains. I might have started it by blurting out something about 'look, the mountains are smoking!' I am all class.

On the way back I passed Walsh's Pyramid again, this time stopping to check out more of the falls on different sides.

I love seeing how different paces look in different weather and how the beauty of them changes to a different beauty.
Here is a bit more of an idea for you on the differences between my last visit, in March, and this more recent one.

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  1. wow! nothing like unexpected water down the side of a mountain to get your heart pumping! and the misty mountains! I never realised Qld was capable of such... Victorian weather!

  2. Th water and the clouds put on a dramatic show for you! Beautiful and stunning captures! A double treat when you don't come from an area (like I, too:) ) with waterfalls and mountains. Many thanks for sharing this with SEASONS. Great you could enjoy your sister's company! Have a great week ahead:)

  3. Absolutely breathtaking. Would love to visit far north Qld one of these days ...

  4. Hi there, Thanks so much for the nice comment. I came over to check your blog out. It only took me two posts to know that I had to sign on. I LOVE your photos!

  5. Wow, that water running down the mountains. Looks just amazing. Babinda is a gorgeous place. You are a great ambassador for your area xx

  6. What a difference in those last set of photos - you certainly did get a lot of water up your way in a short space of time. Every week I love your photos and your tales of how you took them - thanks for linking up each week Anne!

  7. Hello, awesome views of the mountains and the waterfalls. The raging river is a amazing show as long as everyone is safe. Wonderful post and photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  8. Beautiful scenery! We have also had a devastating drought in S Africa. What a relief the rain must have been!

  9. Wonderful atmospheric images.....thanks for sharing this!

  10. These are awesome photos. I love the water. There really is a lot of unseen beauty in each season. I get excited when I discover a bit of it now and then.

  11. So so pretty!

  12. You certainly captured it in all its unstoppable power.

  13. Lovely pics! Rain always makes you feels good doesn't it!

  14. Oh, this is lovely! We've had some hot weather as well, only it stayed hot :-)


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