Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dirt and Dust

Now this is what you call group work.
 This would be the grit part of grit and giggles ... yard work.
From the 20 October 2011 ... yes a bit late but we have been a bit busy in these parts.

A bubby for the kids to lather with love.
Heading into the dip
 Working with the cattle in the yards is not a requirement of my job ... wasn't even on the job description ... but it is something I like to take part in anyway. The first time I was asked whether I wanted to go down to the yards I think it was more the family being polite, letting me have a look at what they do, allowing me some photo opportunities.

Ready for drafting.
Now however I feel like I am part of the team. I have jobs that I do ... shoes to fill. I guess that is the beauty of living on a family owned station. I am able to join in with activities like this and become a worker.

For those wanting and able to work with the family get some comfortable boots, a wide brimmed hat, jeans and a cotton work shirt. Cover up it is dirty work and sunburn is just plain nasty. Always make sure you drink plenty of water it helps wash away the dust.
Surveying her future

It must be love ...

Four little Dicky Birds ... okay so not so little and more like Galahs
Something I have learnt, which has become my attitude is that when it comes to schooling it is just as important for the kids to be outside working with and learning from their parents as it is for them to be in the schoolroom learning their, for want of a better phrase, 'three Rs'. That is the beauty of Distance Education, its flexibility melds so well with the lifestyle. It has to. To be a successful, happy govie you also have to meld to the way of life ... be very flexible.

The kids also get to see how skills they learn in school can be useful in their world like tallying as well as practicing and using skills they have developed like counting, sorting, following directions.
(Now how is that some educational mumbo jumbo?)
My spot for the morning ... chasing cows and calves into the dip
Every time I go down to the yards I seem to gain a job or maybe it is that I have gotten more comfortable and am able to see where slack can be picked up to save others leaving what they are doing. 

An interesting place to sleep
Where's my mummy?
Pushing up the littlies ... crowd control
It is a great feeling at the end of the day to see what you have achieved and to know that you have been a part of something so big.

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