Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Station Monday

Monday got off to a rocky start which may or may not have come about from a change in routine. Then again it could have just been the MATHS ... as Mr Yr4 said at smoko "I don't like maths it is hard but I am kinda good at English, I like it better." Hmm I think it most definitely is in the attitude but then again maths is pretty tricky as far as they are concerned. Meanwhile Miss Yr 7 is acing algebra with no thanks to me that is for sure and Mr Yr 1 has certainly got direction under his belt. 

Smoko is always the turning point with Maths shelved all are a little more eager in their work well except for all the writing according to Mr Yr 1. He however has been loving looking at the 'Willy' books by Anthony Browne and is eager to see more. The Mr and Miss in Yr4 think that Folk Tales are a breeze and Miss Yr 7 is speeding through Ned Kelly faster than a bullet from a gun.

For those who were keen (which was all) and those finished work at a reasonable time (which was not all) modelling with clay was on offer. We ended up with a dinosaur and an elephant all slimed up and smoothed out by water of cause. They can now be found sun baking, well moon backing given the time of day, on the schoolroom veranda for painting at a later date.

As shadows grew long and sun began to sink Boss R and Boss H rode their tired mounts back past the houses after a day our mustering in the mud. Tack was stowed and horses were rinsed down and let go. Now that brings me to the end of a station Monday.

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