Friday, 20 July 2012

Thursday Thing


We had a Thursday Thing going yesterday ... it was the first time our new morning session layout has just clicked (perseverance), I had four children speeding through their work at a rate on knots and we spent the afternoon getting just a bit creative. We will be back to having on air lessons next week but until then we are living up the extra time we have filling it with the extra little fun things.
The kids wrote their spelling words in a shape of their choice.
Mr E played around with direction. He moved how the dice told him and took pictures to match the words on his direction word wall.
Miss S getting creative with clay.
Miss S's creative horse head.
Mr R making a kite as a souvenir for a kid from the Great Barrier Reef.
A crab Miss E made as one of the many things in here sea playhouse souvenir for a kid depicting the Great Barrier Reef.

A now a bit of my creativeness ...


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