Friday, 7 September 2012

Smoko Time

Chatting, giggling, rustling is all I could hear the other day when I went to call the kids in from smoko and at first sight all I could see were legs and boots hanging out from the leaves of the mulberry tree.
 The kids are really enjoying mulberry season, so much so that purple lipstick and nails are the latest fashion in school.


  1. a certain child came in for a bath this evening with a large mulberry coloured ring around her mouth, and down her chin...I've still got mulberry stained fingernails from picking over half a kilo of them yesterday!

  2. I remember we had a mulberry tree at school and we collected the leaves for our pet silkworms and when the teacher wasn't looking snuck in a few berries as well.

  3. We had a huge mulberry tree in our yard as kids and we spent our lives up that tree. At different stages it was a home for fairies, a cubby, a camp out place ... and a place of many mulberry feasts. I think we were constantly purple during mulberry season. I also recall collecting leaves for silkworms that we had for a while.


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