Wednesday, 14 November 2012


What do you think of when you here the word crusty?
I think of dried mud, dried weatbix, crusts, Crusty Demons, Crusty the Clown etc.

Well this is the newly named Crusty.
We have yet to find out whether he has a crusty temperament or is a bit of a daredevil as he has only been in the house yard for a matter of hours. Let us hope it is neither of those options. According to Miss S his coat reminds her of fresh crusty bread with the dark cooked bits and the bits where there is flour.He is a bit of a cutie with is splotchy coat. I think he definitely got in on the Shorthorn genes.
First bottle feed.


  1. Crusty - be interesting to see if he is a clown or a dare devil. However right now, just super cute. The eyes are what make me go oooo and aahhh.

  2. He is super cute and has won me over already even if I had to chase him down for his evening feed. He is one handsome fellow. And yes the eyes, got to love those big, beautiful, long lashed eyes that stare deep into our eyes saying 'feed me' 'is there more?'


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