Thursday, 2 January 2014

Beach Goers

 18th Dec

In the lead up to Christmas we have had a couple of groups come to visit us at Nova. The differences in how the holiday is celebrated and the disbelief at the Christmassy weather but still winter Christmassy decorations, cards etc have made for interesting conversation. 

Anyhow as one of the activities we took the students to Holloways Beach unfortunately the weather was a lot less than desirable for beach goers but as our students weren't there to swim it didn't worry them too much. All but one beach North of Cairns was shut due to the wind. Finding that a bit of a puzzle, well I was too until I saw that because it was windy they had to bring in the stinger nets which means there might be stingers out there in the roughish water.

Luckily and very thankfully there was a lovely (and very bored) life guard on duty who happily told the students about her job, what all the equipment was (with demonstrations, on the sand of cause) and posed for photos.

The wind was strong enough to create that not so nice stinging sand effect.

However the students must have found the life guard interesting enough and were happy to live up to experience.

Some were even brave enough to get their feet wet, that is after we did first.

After the students had had enough of the whipping wind we headed to the cafe on the beach.

It was very festively decorated.

It was lovely to sit and chat and drink cool drinks especially because despite the wind the day was still hot.

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  1. Good on the lifeguard for giving them a show and tell. Something everyday people don't get :)

  2. During my visits to Cairns I've never fallen love with beaches up there, but Port Douglas was nice, although the fear of stingers meant I wasn't so keen to go out too far! Lifeguards really do have a big job - and we probably take advantage more than we know!


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