Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Birds, Birds and more Birds

Last weekend one of the places we visited had extensive aviaries. They have a love for native parrots and have quite a collection a beautiful birds.

Sorry for the not so great photos of some of the birds I saw but I was mostly taking them through the holes in wire.

There were Australian Ring Neck parrots or Port Lincoln Parrots ( I think) which were very pretty.

There were also Red Winged parrots which I have seen before at the Wildlife Dome.

There were the very familiar Rainbow Lorikeets who were on the loose but I caught them coming back for a feed.

I thought the Cloncurry Parrots were very pretty. They are another type of Ringneck parrot.

There were Major Mitchell Cockatoos a bird I have never seen in the wild.

Another bird I can't remember seeing in the wild are the Eastern Rosella. Mr Sparky also thought they were a gorgeous bird and so different in colour to the Crimson Rosella found on the Tablelands. This fellow is the iconic bird on Rosella brand condiments. 

There were some Pale Headed Rosellas as well, another I don't think I have seen.

The Bluebonnet parrots were interesting looking fellows with their fluffy hair style. This one just wanted to be the only one in the shot, following my camera around.

Then there was the aviary of finches, so many of the cute little things moving from place to place.

Hiding out in among the finches were also some Western Rosellas that are very similar in looks to the Eastern Rosella. Yet another bird that was new.

Now I can tell you I am no bird expert and at the time I didn't have a clue as to what most of these birds were other than assumptions because 'that one looks to that one' or because they were well known or I had seen them before. Sooo hopefully my quick research pulled the correct birds' names. Anyway I enjoyed seeing them and my dreams of having a budgie (not allowed pets here) have expanded to some other pretty parrots as well.


  1. HI Such a lot of colourful birds in this post. it is a good way to learn the OD of them however it is always better to see them in the wild.

  2. The parrots and others are pretty birds. Love the gorgeous their colors..Have a happy day!

  3. Pretty birds! Those colours are amazing.

  4. What beautiful birds :)
    I love their colors.

  5. Beautifully coloured birds, love how they are named after places. I have a friend who comes from Cloncurry and my BIL lives near Pt Lincoln. I have finches they are such cool little birds.


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