Tuesday, 1 April 2014


On the weekend we headed to the Tablelands again. We spent a bit of time diving around visiting people Mr Sparky knows and seeing new places in my case, revisiting places he hasn't been in years in Mr Sparky's case.

Mr Sparky is into adventuring and 4x4ing in his two wheel drive, low car. One place we went through is Herberton. Now Herberton is not so green and a little rougher than the green, smooth Atherton area. Now it is an old mining and you can just imagine it being a thriving mining town in it's hay day, nestled in the gullies and perched on the rocky hills surrounding it.

Mr Sparky remembered that you could check out old mine shafts in the hills around the town and after a bit of searching (we did a lot of that on the weekend) and a gamble that it was the right rough looking road, we found some mine shafts. There were no signs pointing the way and I had never heard or read anything about them in the tourist information. It was fun, a bit of an adventure and good to see something new.

The shafts were spotted among piles of rocks and were well camouflaged. We only saw a couple on the way up the hill but the different angle on the way back down revealed a few more.

It was quiet and nice to feel like I was back in the bush. There was even a little friend for us sun baking on a rock beside the track.

We want to explore some more but are thinking a higher vehicle could be a little smarter option if we want to keep going along the various tracks. They are pretty rough with wash outs and drops, a bit of fun navigating.


  1. Something a little creepy about abandoned mines...but the lizard is too cute!

    1. There is a bit and they are so deep, scary. Thanks for coming by.

  2. I wouldn't go down an old mine, but for a day out exploring this looks like a good place. Nice to get off the beaten track and come along little creatures like the lizard. You could have so much more fun with a better vehicle :)

  3. I love exploring on weekends, we headed to the beach last weekend but I think you have inspired me to head west into the bush, beautiful pics as always


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