Friday, 8 August 2014

Black and White Morning

Things ave been a little dreary around here, the clouds and the sun have been warring over the sky and the clouds are having a win. The weather forecast has been something like this: chance of showers, showers, cloudy and a chance of showers, showers, showers. The skies have been sticking to the script. Hopefully the sun wins through a bit next week and lets Cairns dazzle our students, or at least let them soak it up near the lagoon which is one student's wish.

What better thing to make black and white than an already grey scenery, seen from work. These are from Wednesday morning.

My Memory Art


  1. Wow, you have had some grey skies. I can't wait for some more blue skies, and warmth!

    1. Yes it has, yesterday was mostly sunny but today has dawned grey again. I bet you can't wait for spring to kick in. I'd love to keep this cooler weather for a lot longer, just with some sun.


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