Friday 2 January 2015

Standing on Water

I was supposed to be heading to the shop, for mince. With possible visitors coming yesterday I was going to make lasagne but Mr Sparky had cook the mince for breakfast. By the way the lasagne never got made and the visitors never came but I did buy that mince, eventually.

I got a little side tracked, feeling a serious need to take photos.
Not far from our house or from the shop I headed to where I hoped I would get a few shots, I didn't really care what of.

You could say I got some photos, maybe I went a little crazy.

I stopped in at Centenary Lakes where I know pelicans and such had been hanging out.
It was surprising to see how much the water level had dropped. It shouldn't have surprised me but it did. As an added fact, our grass at home which had super greened up after a bit of rain a few weeks ago is now rather patchy again. The heat and humidity is getting to the greenery.

Apparently the heat and humidity has also made the Lakes a popular place with the bird life.

I thought it was pretty funny seeing a pelican standing in the middle of the water.

When I arrived the birds were just relaxing but on seeing me they got busy. Think they were trying to hide the fact that they'd been holidaying and lazing about.

Another thing that happened was ducks and pelicans appearing out of seemingly no where. Obviously people haven't been very good at heading the council's request not to feed them, particularly the pelicans as they will eat anything even if it isn't good for them.

Once they worked out I wouldn't be throwing food they snubbed me. I could see the moment they worked it out because after padding full steam for me they did an about turn and paddled full steam in the opposite direction.

They also decided to work for their food. They must have been having some success.

One wary fellow made sure he kept a close eye on me as it headed past.

Talk about a stare down.

Those pelicans really can move with some speed when they want. Fast enough to create a good bow wave.

I could completely understand all these birds wish to be on or near the water. It was disgustingly humid. Mind you yesterdays water report/beach report said the water is 31 degree C at the moment so I wonder what the temp was in the Lakes. 31 doesn't sound that refreshing to me especially when the air temp is averaging around 33 at the moment. My car on the other hand which lines up with apparent temp or what it feels like said it was 38 in the sun yesterday. Rambling, completely.

It was very relaxing just watching the birds. I haven't been out and about in a while so this was perfect.

What would have been awesome is if the water had been a bit stiller because the reflections ... ahhh ... but it is okay, another time.

One thing that is growing well is the grass at the Lakes, so well that is growing in the water. The copious water lilies have died off though which will make the gardeners happy, those things seem to take over very fast if not controlled.

As usual I found it interesting watching the pelicans feeding. I have a feeling a few were working together at it but some were doing it on their own.

The ducks just made it look idyllic and they didn't seem at all bothered by the bigger birds hanging around them, swimming in front of them, cutting them off. Just like a road with no rules. Motorbikes and cars, cars and trucks, you can work out who was who.

There was a pretty tree in flower near the edge of one of the Lakes. Whenever a breeze came along it snowed flowers. The only snow in these parts.

So this just cemented the fact that I need to get out more. My toe meaning no night work and having no NOVA students might mean I get to do that in the next week.

I need more of this, this relaxing and doing what I like.

I need less of this though, clouds that bring humidity but no relief. As the nurse I had and I joked, now is when you don't want to live in Cairns. Maybe I need to go south for the summer as higher temperatures with limited humidity are more my style. In saying that I hope that those a lot further south stay safe with fires around and that no ijits make a scorching day worse by doing something silly.


  1. Thanks for posting the photos. I found my mind drifting off to what it would feel like sitting on the edge of the water. Some great shots.

    1. I'm glad my pics took you to a good place. It sounds like a good way to spend some time really.

  2. Nice pictures. I love the one with the water lily.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. The snow was not so cold and the dogs run a lot, so they don´t be cold.
    Now it thaweds.

    1. Thanks. I enjoyed visiting, thanks for coming by. They would have stayed warm running.

  3. Pelicans are such great birds - I can still remember the shock of finding out just how big they are when I saw my first one!

    Cheers - and I hope you are having a good New Year - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. I know, they are quite a large awkward looking bird. So much bigger than you think they will be, especially standing stretched out. I enjoyed a quiet start to the new year. I hope yours shaped up well.

  4. Beautiful lake environment to watch the birds and your got great photos of the pelicans.

    1. It is and so smart of the council here to plan in something like it that is so accessible. It would be pretty valuable land now. Thanks. The pelicans aren't always around but with dry weather here and west of here it is a good option for them to hang out.

  5. Wow! What wonderful wild life shots! Love the 'stare down' ~

    Happy New Year to you ~
    artmusedog and carol

    1. Thank you. I do to, it is a bit intimidating. I hope you've enjoyed the start of a new year.

  6. Beautiful series of pictures, beautiful scenery and beautiful species of birds.
    Pelicans are my favorite
    Have a very good weekend, a happy and healthy 2015.
    Best regards, Irma

    1. Thank you. I think they are a pretty great bird too. I love how you can find them nearly anywhere. Best wishes to you for the new year as well.


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