Thursday 12 March 2015

The beach and more ... a very disjointed post

Huh, three at once. That is a lot of action.

Pam, Nathan & Olwyn are on the loose and ready to party.

Tropical Cyclones Pam, Nathan and Olwyn that is.

Yesterday morning you wouldn't have known that this much action at once was possible, but apparently it is. It is cyclone season after all. By yesterday afternoon the weather was the opposite of the lovely morning the day started with.

It was such a nice morning and there was that little fact that I had the day off (not the night unfortunately) so I headed to Holloways Beach nice and early to try and get the rest of the sunrise. It was so pretty at our place after all.

It was worth it, I think.

Those in knowledgeable weather places might have still been umming and arhing about whether a system north east of here would turn into a tropical low or even a cyclone but the bank of clouds said there was definitely weather of some type on the way.

They closed all the beaches north of Cairns sometime yesterday so they could pull in the stinger nets and save on a damage bill from rough water.

Nobody here is all that worried about Cyclone Nathan yet, you can tell when people get worried around here because it equals no water, tinned food, bread and milk in the shops. Cairns itself isn't in the cyclone warning area but we do have flood and wild weather alerts out.

Actually it is super nice getting the sudden downpours we keep getting, especially tonight. They are pretty heavy but there hasn't been much of a wet season up here yet so the rain is a bit overdue.

Mind you ask me in another couple of days and my love of the rain might have dimmed just a little as my need to see blue sky and a sunrise or sunset gets stronger. I'll be wanting it to stop for just a bit to let some sun peep through and then I'll be happy for it to carry on being wet.

Speaking of wet, my drive to work tonight was a bit wet. I couldn't see the road that well and you could say I was guided by the lights to get to work. The blurred lights of the car in front. 

Mind you when I finished work tonight we discovered that the worms are evacuating the ground and making way for higher and drier places. I'm not sure the car park was the best place for them to be hanging out really.

So as you can tell I am still as good as ever at chatting about things that have nothing to do with the pretty photos on show.

I like them but there isn't much of a story to go with these pics other than me jumping in the car to try and get there soon enough.

Then there is the part where me and my camera spent some quality time on the beach with my feet in the sand or getting washed by the waves.

It was peaceful and dare I say a little cooler than it has been.

Oh and as an upside the beach time stopped me spending my morning trying to pretend I wasn't nanna napping in the chair.

Instead it relaxed and revitalised me. or something like that. It worked like tooth picks for my eyelids, keeping them open a bit longer and with much less force.

Just keep on scrolling, relax and revitalise a little as well.

Oh, sorry, relaxing and revitalising time it over and now it is back to the cyclonic nitty gritty. Or you can skip out and go back to beach photos if you want.

It is interesting watching the cyclone updates and seeing how their predictions change. Nathan was originally thought to do just a boring old u-turn but now seems to think a loop would be more fun. There are also some predictions of him heading south but none are mapped so they must be pretty sure Nathan is heading the way he is. Other than updates there is a very cool image at the bottom of all three visitors posing nicely

5:15am EST 11th March 2015 from Oz Cyclone Chasers

10:52am EST 11th March 2015 from Oz Cyclone Chasers

4:43pm EST 11th March 2015 from Oz Cyclone Chasers
Taken from South Brisbane Storms via Oz Cyclone Chasers on facebook ... "Here's imagery taken by NASA satellites today showing not one, not two, but THREE simultaneous tropical cyclones i.e. Olwyn off WA, Nathan off QLD and Pam near Vanuatu... AND the other tropical storm on the other side of the equator north of Pam which was triggered by the Equatorial Rossby Wave phenomenon."  
Are you a weather watcher?
What do you like to do to relax and revitalise?
Are you stuck on the idea of three cyclones happening at the same time like I am?

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