Sunday 1 March 2015

The first day of Autumn

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month.
Okay so I'm a bit late on that count it being almost 9:30pm. I think the rules are you have to do it before 12pm or was that something someone made up at sometime to stop kids pinching and punching for the entire day.

Today was the first day of Autumn and I have to say it felt just like ... Summer. Not even a smidgen of Autumn in the air. Oh that is right, I live in far North QLD, Autumn doesn't really happen. What do they say on one of those air conditioning ads on the radio. Cairns has two types of weather, hot and hotter. Actually that isn't true, Winter isn't that hot, it is pretty much perfect temperature wise.

I didn't capture the first Autumn sunrise, I slept in instead. I didn't get the sunset either, I was doing something and then there were too many clouds. I did however get Mr Sparky to come up the hill with me to the lookout. This would be the Copperlode Dam/ Lake Morris Road lookout.

It was just a little magical with all those twinkling lights. Okay so no ones lights twinkle really but it did look pretty.

Maybe it looked just a little like part of the Milky Way had landed on the ground. Before you start looking for chocolate I'm talking about the stars. I would have beat you to the chocolate anyway.

My youngest sister, Sis G, started her trip today that is part of chasing her dreams. I wish her love and luck. I know she will find this first step hard especially as it means moving away from home but I am sure she will have fun and many valuable experiences.

Watching the lights below and stars above, that is the stuff of dreams and a great place for dreaming. Maybe wishing on a star or two.

Have you been wishing on any stars lately?
Do you feel any changes in the seasons at your place yet?


  1. What a gorgeous view. I love that photo with the city lights and the moon.

  2. I missed the first sunrise of Autumn too - I was also busy sleeping.

    We are blessed with where we live to receive all 4 seasons. Right now we have overcast with 19c - perfectly Autumn.


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