Wednesday 3 June 2015

Snap Frozen

This morning I started the day bright and early.

Those little things like holidays don't usually stop my early morning habit.

 In fact they encourage it, they feed it and they give me new or different scenes to see.

So as colour washed the sky, I was traipsing around.

As the sun was rising, or maybe before, the world was snap frozen.

Well not all of the world, obviously, just our little part of it.

It was a good thing I put on proper shoes for my pj clad wanderings.

My dressing gown and jumper combo worked a treat too.

Let me tell you, this certainly isn't the tropics (as if you hadn't figured that out already).

My long flannelette cow pjs and my snuggley lady beetle dressing gown certainly make for an attention grabbing combination.

Well that is if there is anyone around to see it, anyone or anything other than cattle and sheep, oh and my Uncle who usually catches me out in my garish garb.

There is something special about cold wintery sunrises.

I don't think I've seen one as stripy as this one before.

Apparently those long trails of clouds mean moisture in the air.

The rising sun, still hidden behind the horizon, painted the clouds and sky beautiful colours, at one point almost unbelievable but trust me that brightly coloured sky was those colours.

As it got closer to the sun peeking over the horizon, the colour muted.

It also became easier to see those snap frozen areas, white with ice.

My Mum was talking to someone in Melbourne who said it had been 3 degrees C down there this morning. She replied back that it had been 0 here. He was a bit shocked, not able to believe that is actually gets that cold in QLD. By the way, it does and it gets colder than that. I think the big difference is for how long or how often as well as what the the top daytime temp is.

It doesn't get this cold in the tropics though. We might manage a morning where it is 10 degrees but then it will be back up to 25 or above.

Actually, I don't mind winter up there. It is very mild, as in still wearing shorts and a t-shirt mild.

I do however miss this. The frosty mornings, the cool (cold) days, having icy ears, sitting by the toasty wood fire, wearing layers and snuggling up in winter pjs with a hot choc. I think my body misses this 'hibernation' time too.

 I do love only really having one season of clothes though.

But I'm not sure Mum really enjoys having my other season wardrobes at her place, but then she does say she doesn't mind.

An icy sky

 Another thing that comes with the cold weather is very cute. Much cuter than me and my pjs.


These little fellows were born on Saturday, the day I arrived, and are super cute with their black velvety noses and ears.

They are starting to get a little bit adventurous, leaving their Mum for minutes at a time.

It won't be long until they are frolicking around and no wonder, it will certainly keep them warm.

Have you ever walked on frosted grass? I love the crunch it makes.

This area, the Darling Downs, will probably see more of this yet, a lot more, but this is about as much of the ice variety that should be around. Although I have seen snow before that has melted as it hit the windscreen, but that is a rarity.

Oh, by the way, I guess I should clear up that yes, I am visiting my parents and the Family Farm.

It has a bit of this and that and my Uncle's sheep.

Hence the lambs.

It also has wide open skies, no super close neigbours, no sirens or hero drivers and you guessed it, family chaos fun. By the way that is probably the part I miss the most.

We've been pretty busy in a not so busy way since I arrived but I am loving my out and about mornings.

Especially when they are like this morning, or yesterday morning and a little frosty around the edges.

I know, I'm a little nuts but it is a novelty (even if I did grow up with it) and one I like to enjoy close up.

The ice just looks so cool coating everything, well of cause, it is cool.

Weeds are the best subject, they get all these icy patterns on them.

But you never know what you will see when looking down at the ground for icy things.

Sometimes whole plants look like they've been snowed on while others have a nice lacy border.

As time progresses and more frosts come, everywhere (that isn't already) will turn golden brown (except the winter crops), the colour of winter, of frosted dead leaves.

For now there is a touch of green in the grass.

But winter is definitely here.

Good thing to because I really wanted to have a winter while down here. My little taste of it.

It is kind of cheating on the living with it for months part.

I'll be able to go back to my tropical winter and rub in wearing my shorts and working on my thing tan while the rest of my family is freezing. Aren't I nice?

Meanwhile, secretly, I'll be wishing for rosy cheeks and split lips and a frozen nose. Okay, so not really but maybe instead for sitting near the wood heater and staying warm with family.

Are you a winter lover or do you prefer a warmer climate?

I love a bit of it all really, everything in moderation. Just like chocolate.

Well obviously I don't have much more to say. I really am just rambling.

Apparently my mother loves listening to my rambling chatter when she picks me up. The fact that I don't shut up in the 2hr+ journey from the airport to the farm is well known within the family and anyone else is warned in advance. Nice of them to do that.

 I should come with lots of warning signs. One to do with me and my camera would be up there in the list.

What kind of warning sign do you need? 

I'll leave you with the rest of my snap frozen morning. I really have blabbed on enough. I will tell you though that me and my snap frozen toes really enjoyed getting inside to the warmth of the wood heater and stove after our frosty morning wander.

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  1. great photos! it is really cold here today... I prefer warmer weather!

  2. Beautiful. I love your early morning shots!
    There have been some very cold sunrises here this week too :)

  3. Wow, you certainly did, a very interesting unfolding of your day!

  4. WHat an exquisite series of photos… so beautiful from dawn on through the day.

  5. Great collection, I like the hat rake and the wire fence shots the best. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  6. Oh yes, there is definitely something very special about a cold winters morning! Awesome photos. Particularly loving your sheep with the lambs. Just gorgeous!

  7. Wow! Splendid sunrise shots and love the little lambs ~ so sweet! Wonderful series of photos ~ all beautiful!

    Happy Weekend coming to you,
    artmusedog and carol

    1. @artmusedog and Carol... Thank you so much. Those lambs are cute and it won't be long until they are frolicking around. Have a great weekend.

  8. I think the fence ones against the sky are my favourites and the sheep, well we will be having lots of baby ones born here come September :-)

    1. @ Amy ... Thank you! Oh that would be lovely but a lot of work. There are only 2 sheep and a ram here.

  9. wonderful sunrise pics. I particularly like the low vantage point one showing the fence. I have been known to tramp around in pjs and jumper in the early morning on holidays too! I get up so much easier on holidays when there are fabulous sunrises to take pics of.
    Have a great weekend and thank you for stoppping by my blog this week.

    1. @ Jill Thank goodness I'm not the only pj wanderer. You are right it is so much easier to get up earlier on holidays and the promise of a nice sunrise has me bouncing out, no matter the weather. Thank you for your kind comments. I hope you enjoy your weekend too.

  10. Wonderful pictures and post.

    Hugs Diane

  11. Wowza! Absolutely gorgeous, golden images.

  12. Beautiful winter morning shots!

    1. Thank you EG CameraGirl, I enjoyed getting a bit of winter.


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