Saturday 13 June 2015

That news, that sweet pink news

Remember how I said I had exciting news? Well this is it!

Get ready for some baby spam!

And just to clear it up right now, she isn't mine.

This is my new niece.

She was due yesterday but she decided that she wanted to come a little early ... 3 weeks early.So today she is three weeks old.

She is tiny, well she was tinier, like when these photos were taken, but seems to be growing fast. She might have arrived early but she is a strong little girl and I hope she learns to meet all of life's challenges with that strength.

She fits reasonably well into a 00000 suit now but her one and only handmade cardigan that fits looks like something for a dolly.

The first time I met her she was already over a week old (these pics) and a feather weight too. She was also a bit of a sleepy head but that is improving now.

She has us all wrapped around her teeny, tiny, long fingers, that is for sure. But maybe we are biased. Her older sister, niece E, also has us wrapped up good with her red curls and huge personality.

She is loving that her mother brought home a real live dolly, a baby that is hers. Well that is what she thinks.

Really, the new arrival, niece A, had very good timing as it has meant I've gotten to see her the whole of my holidays. I am loving the baby cuggles.

She is being wrapped up in love and snuggled by everyone. Welcome to the family little one.

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