Sunday 13 September 2015

The end of a working chapter

This view, that you've enjoyed seeing fairly often, is no longer my view to share.

You see last Friday, not the one just gone but the one before, was my last day working for Nova. It was our last day, everyone's. Nova in Cairns has closed its doors.

It was unexpected yet in some ways expected. It was sad to see the end of something that seemed to have so much promise but that isn't my reasoning or story to tell.

I'll miss the people I worked with, although I think our friendships and connections will stay. I will also miss this view.

I will miss our gatherings of happily chatting students who soaked up English and our funny Australian ways like sponges.

I'll miss the hellos and goodbyes as each group came through and the wonderful people I met who really wanted to learn with us.

I'll miss our BBQs ... well maybe not so much because I did get a bit tired of eating (me tired of eating, imagine that).

I will more miss the relaxing and chatting about all of our different lives.

It was good while it lasted and I can say I was there from the beginning to the end, almost two and a half years of my life. But now those doors are closed and it is time to look for something new and to get onto the monotonous job applying. Anyone know of a good job going?


  1. Buggar... great pics, sorry about your job. What amazing views... am sure you will be snapped up by a savvy employer.

    1. It is a pain but I guess the job hunting will be fun in a torturous kind of way. Hopefully someone snaps me up soon. On the good side I do have another job (my second job which is now my first job) which will keep things ticking along for a while.
      Thanks! It is a nice spot to look out over the water.

  2. I had never heard of Nova but seems like you were doing good work. I am a teacher in Cairns and we get lots of students visiting from overseas. It is a big deal for these kids to visit and see what we take for granted. Again, some fabulous pics over the inlet that I would never have seen otherwise. I do love the old Wharf area.
    Good luck with your job hunting.
    Carol in Cairns


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