Saturday, 27 August 2016

Back in the 'Ville: Jazzine Barracks

My current personal facebook status reads this ...
Someone left us a present yesterday, some used thongs (footwear kind of cause). They also took themselves a little gift, my thongs. Pair for a pair, I guess that is fair. I hope my considerably smaller thongs (and that is saying a lot when you look at the size of my feet) squash your toes and give you enormous blisters. Oh, and I hope you get girl germs on your enormous man feet.

Other than a bit of disbelief I kind of thought it was funny. Mr Sparky, not so much. For further information my thongs are, were, a little more solid than the average ones being a solid piece rather than the normal strap kind of style. They were not pretty at all but they stopped me losing grip in the rain. My feet also tend to be a size 11/12 women's (au) or men's 9/10, and yes I do often wear men's shoes ... like a lot. Not small at all.
And that my friends, is the extent of the excitement around here this week. 

So back to Townsville photos. 
Obviously I haven't been out to take any photos this week to distract me from the little holiday I had.
Hopefully that changes today.

One evening we walked to Jezzine Barracks or Kissing Point. This was previously closed to the public but they did a great job doing up the area a few years ago.

 I've been up there a few times now and absolutely love it.

Being winter, the wattle was in flower. Yet another thing I love.  That sickly sweet, purely wattle smell.

We might have pretty much missed the sunset but we certainly didn't miss the view.

You can see over the Rock Pool and towards the port.

The view across the Magnetic Island is amazing and you can see the coast trailing further along.

And of cause I can't forget the view of Castle Hill, an icon of the region. How could it not be an icon, plonked in the middle of the city like that. Yes, I am aware that the 'hill' came first.

So what do we get from this post ... my life isn't that exciting at the moment, but that is okay ... my camera could do with a workout ... I like lookouts and sunsets.

Have you been busy, busy recently? Work getting in the way of living (or whatever that saying is)?

I hope you have a great weekend! 
I'm going to thoroughly enjoy my weekend off, even if nothing much happens with it.
I know next week is going to be a big one.

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