Thursday, 27 June 2013

Good Morning Cocky

Good morning mountains ...

Good morning moon ...

Good morning Cockies.

It will be a good day ... I know it will especially with a start like this and that is despite the fact that I didn't want to leave my bed. 

I am glad I didn't snuggle back into sleep though ... it was worth it.

I've been at work the last two days and I love my job!

One of the new words the Japanese lady Mrs A learnt yesterday was Cockatoo so how fitting are these fellows. I'll have to share them with her when I see her on Friday.

She also learnt Platypus, Rosella, Frilled Neck Lizard, Rainbow Lorikeet and Echidna. The Echidna came with a lesson in Echidna mating rituals which she was interested in due to the spikes ... I think the question was "How do they mate, how do they do it with the spikes?" or something along those lines. I am just glad she felt she could ask.

Did you know they have a 'love parade' where the female starts walking and males line up behind her along the way (up to around 11 in some cases). The female then chooses a male after up to 6weeks of walking. And as to the mating, the female and male dig a shallow hole and mate tummy to tummy to avoid those spikes. As I read ever adaptable to their conditions Echidnas will also mate underground. I hope you enjoyed your lesson.

Lastly my particular favourite word that she learnt was 'weird' and when we went on our afternoon excursion she took great pride in using weird to describe an animal puppet of a Bilby.

She also enjoyed trying out the parrot names, matching them to puppets and to the real thing when we visited the Cairns Wildlife Dome ... more on that later.

So now I am completely off topic about Cockatoos but the pictures are pretty. I could have sat for hours watching their antics in a tree not far from our home.

Even now I can still hear the occasional squawk above my washing machine that sounds like it is taking off.

I will leave you with the rest of my morning photo shoot while I head off to catch up on housework that has been neglected since last Wednesday, organise catalogues to deliver and more than likely get sidetracked by more blogs, blog reading, facebook, email reading or anything else that seems like more fun.

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  1. Thanks for linking in today.
    Love the pictures - they are characters that I can watch for hours as well.
    wonderful news that you are enjoying your new job.

  2. I've been missing your Totally Thursday blogs so it was great to be able to link in again. I think I will have to go bird hunting ... to take more photos.

  3. Great photo of the moon. The noise from the cockies must be loud, but awesome. It's so easy to get sidetracked when I get on the computer, usually I end up not doing what I turned it on for in the first place!

  4. Thanks Alicia, I have managed to do what I wanted to and more ... it is the and more that causes problems sidetracking me from other things.


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