Sunday, 30 June 2013

I'm Supposed to be ... ????

 The idea when I sat down with my laptop at hand was to write a catch up blog and to work on a Lone Guides newsletter. Well I'm getting there on the blog post after sitting at the computer for who knows how long wasting time or watching time whizz by or just relaxing and doing whatever (whichever you choose) but the newsletter is another story.

These photos are from a bit over a week ago or almost a fortnight ago whichever sounds better and less slack on the blogging front.
So a bit over a week ago I had two training days for my new job (the one that has literally taken months to start) involving the lessons we would be teaching face to face, which we did using a multimedia lesson (online, web camera that kind of thing). We had a great time Teacher P and myself, it was very relaxed.

I Spy ... Green Island

Now I know I have shared the amazing view from my workplace but well I am going to share it again and again and again. It is a very dangerous view as I have discovered. I could just sit and watch it all day.

First of all in the photo department I have some special ones to show you that caused me much amusement at the time. I'm not sure if I explained previously but Mr Sparky works pretty much around the corner, down the street and around the corner from me. It is walking distance ... and spying distance as I found out.

So I'll prove it ... look at the next photo.

And now lets look a little closer ...

And a little closer ...

A certain Mr Sparky was working on this boat, which at the time was undergoing a refit. He was hooking up generators, lights, t.v, sound system and anything else that required electrical knowledge. We got our own little bit of amusement out of this game of 'I spy'.

Also here are some photos of the building I work in and the work space we have.

Now I'll leave you to it and hopefully start dreaming up my next catch up post ... or doing that newsletter.

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