Sunday, 30 June 2013

Take Off ... And Landing

 Warning: Looking from a height and looking at the past.

This is another of those just over a week ago posts ... Thursday just over a week ago to be exact (as opposed to the one that has just passed).

So Thursday just over a week ago I took off ... in a plane.
But where did I land? Do you know?

 I will give you a hint ...

I flew out of Cairns.

Not sure yet?
Another hint?
Yes, well I know that other one wasn't much help.

The flight only lasted about 2hrs.

Still puzzled?
Another clue?

I could see parts of the reef from the left hand side of the plane.

Still scratching your head?
Another hint please?

The sea was to the left and the land was on the right.

Huh, what did ya say?

Okay, I was flying south.

Have you guessed it yet?
Another clue?

Where I landed was more populated than where I took off.

Need another hint?

I never left the state.

And one to surely give it away.

I headed to it's capital.

I am sure you have guessed it now.
If not I'll put you out of your misery.
The place I landed was Brisbane.
But why was I there you ask?
Well to land of cause.
Haha you say, very funny.
Well my answer was true as it wasn't the end of my trip but only one leg of it.
Come on just spit it out.
No way hosay ... that is for another post.
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  1. Hope this destination is a chance for you to put your feet up - where ever that maybe.

  2. It was busy, short trip but plenty of playing and talking and warming by a fire happened.


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