Wednesday 1 July 2015

Josephine Falls

It has been raining quite a bit here and yesterday was no different. I had kind of decided to go to Josephine Falls, about an hour south of here, but the raining morning had me ummming and ahhhing about it. In the end I just went 'blow it' and went. I wanted something to do and wanted to get out.

Josephine Falls is a pretty popular place to visit and swim. It is just a bit south of Babinda, the turn off being on the south side of Mirriwinni.

The falls are in the Wooroonooran National park (isn't that a mouthfull), just near Bartle Frere.

In fact that is where one end of the trail to walk up Bartle Frere starts. Bartle Frere is the highest mountain in Queensland with an elevation of 1622meters. I am not here however, to talk about mountains but rather waterfalls so back to it.

I guess though that Bartle Frere is important in all the waterfall watching because the water that feeds Josephine Creek or Josephine falls does come off that rather tall mountain.

My drive to the falls was filled with rain, heavy or light it rained the whole way there.

It was a good thing I packed an umbrella because it was raining when I arrived aswell.

Sometime around when I went from looking at the lower pool to looking at the middle creek it stopped raining though.

The bottom pool, by the stairs to the water, is a good place to swim.

Well not when the creek is raging along like this, obviously.

The middle creek, as it is called on the signs, would also be a good place.

There is a very large boulder between the middle creek and the bottom pool that would be great to slide down.

Relaxing near the falls would be nice too.

I just enjoyed watching and listening to the water rushing by.

I have never actually been to these falls before so this was a great way to see them, roaring.

It had stopped raining and I was getting wet from the falls rather than the sky.

You can't half tell that this is a pretty damp place with everything looking very green.

There is a lookout at the top pool but swimming is not allowed.

From there you could see the top falls and the creek below, snaking its way into the rainforest.

I needed a windscreen wiper on my camera at this lookout. The amount of mist meant lots of lens wiping.

It was like this part of the falls had its own little weather system happening with winds and choppy waves.

I definitely want to come here again, maybe on a clear day after the falls have settled a bit and go for a swim.

On my walk back to the car I dawdled a bit, taking photos of whatever caught my eye.

Sometimes going places without Mr Sparky is absolutely lovely because I can dawdle with no complaining about it.

It means I can waste time and relax taking photos of whatever, even moss, mold and decay.

It was a very easy walk, nice paths to follow and beautiful lush rainforest to look at.


  1. wow! aren't you glad you went out ~ Wonderful series of creative photos of nature's beauty!

    Happy 4th of July to USA
    artmusedog and carol

    1. Yes Carol and artmusedog, I am glad I went out and can't wait to do it again sometime. Thank you!

  2. What a gorgeous area, so green and lush! You've taken some gorgeous photos of the nature around there x

    1. @Alicia ... It was beautiful and green is the theme of the day in that area. Thank you!

  3. so many gorgeous images in both color and BW. Still I think the real thing is better. It looks like a very nice place for photography and relaxation.

    1. @NatureFootstep ... Thank you! You are right, the beauty of the real thing can never truely be shown in a photo. It was a nice place to be but there seem to be plenty of visitors.

  4. Beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing them. I've been to Eungella national park but not after the rain.



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