Wednesday 15 July 2015

Warning: Achtung ...

Something exciting happened the other week ... I've been hanging to share but just haven't gotten to it.

It involved going to a boat ramp near town where of cause I saw one of those yellow signs so well known in these parts. Warning: Achtung - Crocodiles inhabit this area, attacks may cause injury or death. Scary stuff and who would have thought that a crocodile might cause injury if it attacks. I more thought it would definitely cause injury.

Can you see what I saw? (photo below)

How about now?

 How about now?!

Pretty cool, hey. 
A real, live, wild croc just hanging out in the sun.

 While I was watching a Great Egret that was further back in the mangroves just casually walked past the croc like it didn't have a care in the world. I dare say it knows what I have learned, that unless you go and practically put yourself in that crocs mouth, he really couldn't be bothered. That is apparently because the weather is just too cool for eating and he is too busy getting energy from the sun. Mind you I'm not testing the theory by getting that close to any crocodile. So Warning: Achtung ... don't go near wild crocodiles, no matter the season, just in case you were feeling inclined to.

The Great Egret then happily stood at the waters edge looking for some afternoon tea.

Obviously it thought there was some good tucker and that it was safe enough to get in the water to do some fishing.

The croc couldn't have cared less although I am sure he was paying way more attention than what it looked like.

When a tractor came up near the boat ramp he turned around, head away from the boat ramp and not visable, but after a bit he turned back and closer to the water.

He then did the very sunbaking crocodile like thing and opened his mouth to absorb even more rays and energy and heat.

He wasn't much of a mover that is for sure.

I think even the egret was beginning to wonder if it was a statue.

I don't know whether the egret got sick of teasing Mr Croc or just got bored but it took off after a while.

I didn't though, although I should have as I was being eaten alive by midges/ sandflies/ something that hurt when it bit and itched like crazy.

I just couldn't help myself though, I had to stay and take a few more photos, just in case I didn't see this again.

And just so you know I was pretty safe about it all.

Don't I look good as a stick figure?

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  1. Great photos. I wonder if that Egret really knew how close it could get to the croc and still be safe - or was it just pushing its luck??? I'm glad there are no crocs quite this far down.

  2. Love all the shots and narration that goes with this post. Not in the last shots, you are a bit neaar the water's edge as a Crroc could have come up adngot you!!! Th other Croc could ahve been the decoy!!!

  3. Wow! That is pretty awesome! Crocs are not something I have to worry about down here, but I would certainly be if I was up there. Great photos. You have a very good zoom on your camera. Your photos are always so clear.

  4. Hello, amazing shots of the croc and egret. The crocodile looks awfully close to the egret. Enjoy your day!

  5. Ooh. Fantastik. Kiehtovaa ja jännittävää.

  6. Oh love your stick-man as I was worried at what distance

    you took these photos.


    I am happy now. I wouldn't have to see on news. Photographer eaten alive. By huge Croc.

  7. Absolutely creative photography and captions! Glad you played it safe!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  8. Such a cute post! Fascinating, fun and definitely great photos! Loved it... especially your stick figure drawing. :-) I was glad to see the perspective of safety you had! Oh what a neat experience this must have been!

  9. Not something that I would see everyday, I'd keep my distance. Tom The Backroads Traveller


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