Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tripping Around

Last week some visitors came through town. They had been further north, up at Cook Town, visiting a relative but had decided to stop over in Cairns for a few days before heading south and further south.
They were the excuse to go on the Skyrail in the last post.
A trip to Green Island was also organised for them but I opted for a day at home. Apparently it was an amazing day and they even saw a turtle while snorkeling.
For their third day I offered to take them on a driving tour of the Atherton Tablelands, a suggestion that was greeted with plenty of enthusiasm. If only the weather hadn't been so enthusiastic about showing off some late wet season and a bit of winter. It was a nice day all the same though.

First stop was to check out the Mulgrave Mill. There is just something cool about seeing a sugar mill up close and the smell; sweet, moist and kind of grassy, the smell of molasses. Due to rain the mill hasn't bee running until mid last week. Harvest is up and running with many a sugar cane farmer hoping the rain stays at bay.

Then up the Gillies Range we went. I pulled over before the lookout to check out the view. That turned out to be a good choice because the main lookout was a whiteout.

Next stop, when we got to the top, was Lake Barrine. The tablelands weather had really turned on by then as we got out and wandered in the cool, misty rain. We checked out the lake and the cowrie pines.

Then we checked out the tea house and warmed up with a Devonshire Tea (well with hot choc in my case). Now I have to admit I am not a fan of having scones when out because, not to be big headed but I cook pretty good ones, and often they are a disappointment. These were super yummy ones. Big tick of approval from us.

After filling our tummies the next quick stop was the Curtain Fig. We oohed and ahhed and I wondered at my ability to only see this tree in the rain. Then we quickly made our way back to the car and out of the rain.

Then it was strawberry farm time. I was hoping they had opened and they had. A couple of kgs later, a few kg of seconds as well, and we were on out way again. I was thinking of jam making to come.

We checked out the lookout at Atherton, hoping to see the surrounding countryside. It turned out to be a whiteout as well with nothing to see. After that I decided there was no point finding other lookouts to see.

Then on the road we went, briefly stopping when we could see a nice view.

Next was a quick stop into Ravenshoe and the bakery for some bread (the best bread, so soft) and a pie cause I was hungry. Then it was a short back track to Windy Hill where spots seemed to be the pattern of the day.

We then traveled the Old Palmerston Highway (single lane bitumen) to Millaa Millaa and the well known falls. We again ooohed and ahhhed and commented on the craziness of those going for a paddle. They swore it was warm but considering their nationality and my knowledge, there was no way I was getting in.

At the falls we also spied a handy map that showed a bit of the area.

By then it was about time to head back down to the coast so rather than track back to the Gillies we went down the Palmerston Highway. It is a really nice bit of road to drive. We had a brief stop at Crawfords Lookout that overlooks the North Johnstone river.

Other than that we drove straight on down and then north up the coast. Well that was until just south of Cairns where I pulled over so we could check out the blue sky and Walsh's Pyramid rising into the clouds.

It was a lovely day and very full, although not as full as it sounds written down.
Over at I must confess, everyone is confessing their most treasured possessions and these are mine. My photos and the memories tied to them. Oh, I have plenty of things that have sentimental value but in the end they are just things that can be replaced (although the timber slab furniture and frames made by Mr Sparky would be hard to replicate) if I need to but the photos I take of the places I go, they can't be replaced. And as for the memories that go with, it scares me a little that these might fade a disappear over the years so I guess that is why the photos are so important.
So I hope you enjoyed your slather of the Tablelands and a peek into what I've been up to.

I Must Confess


  1. Beautiful photos! I too treasure my pictures and memories, hence starting a blog :) I don't want to forget all of the thoughts and experiences that come and go. It's nice going back and remembering :)

  2. You covered so much in one day. I have been to the Atherton Tablelands once and I loved it, and hope one day to go back, you have shown me things I missed out on last time. Wonderful photos

  3. I did see the Curtain Fig tree when I visited Queensland last year. Really a marvellous tree :)

  4. I love that photos can be a gateway to our memories, it makes them so important. Some great photos and those falls look spectacular!


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