Saturday, 18 July 2015

Where the Mangroves meet the Sea

The other morning, the second one in a row where I needed a jumper, I went for a morning beach walk at Yorkeys Knob. Not long after the sun rose the jumper was abandoned in true fashionable style. You know that lovely, flattering, around the hips or waist tie.

I walked further than I've been along the beach before, in fact, as far as I could go.

To where the mangroves meet the sea.

To where Thomatis Creek and Yorkeys Creek meet the Coral Sea.

 It was a nice walk, hardly a person around.

Except for those in the boats I saw, or the man jogging in speedos and a couple of others.

It was such a still morning, I guess that came with the cold.

Sorry to those down south getting their snow and ice, but in Cairns 10 degrees C is cold, especially when the apparent temperature or what is feels like is around 7 degrees.

Actually, I am kind of envious of those getting to see ice and snow and all things cold.

But that is said from the safety of a mild, tropical winter.

So to those south I'll let you keep looking and dreaming of warmer times.

To everyone else, enjoy looking at the joining of two landscapes, so typical of the north.

No crocodiles this time, well not that I could see.

I wasn't about to look any closer either.

Across the channel was the next beach south, Holloways Beach. It was o close I could have walked or swam there.

I wasn't giving that a go either for obvious reasons.

It was interesting to look around though.

And pretty cool how the mountains and rainforest meet the mangroves and the beach.

See really I am just blabbing on about nothing much now like the trees and reflections and all of that.

So I might just stop doing that, and stop typing so Mr Sparky can keep snoring uninterrupted. 

Then you can just enjoy the rest of my morning wander.



Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Great shots - only been to FNQ twice - I need to come back.

    We have just had the coldest Melbourne morning for 18 years - I needed a jumper too!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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