Monday, 29 October 2012

A Whale of a Time

My fingers seem to be smudged with blue, white, green and grey but we have been having a whale of a time, making whales that is. We have a bit of an underwater or 'Finding Nemo' thing happening in our schoolroom and the kids have been creating creatures from the deep and not so deep.

Today's creature of choice was a whale and after looking at the parts of the whale and various pictures of whales the creating began. That was however after Miss Yr7, being forever the smarty pants, asked "who has an umbilicus?" ... Do you have an umbilicus?

Today's ideas came from a website called Danielle's Place found here.
The ingenious however was all from the kids. I love how you can set out a project with simple materials and in our room at least we end up with five completely different projects. I love that the kids feel confident enough to express that creativity.

What you need:
  • Paint: blues, greys, white, black, green
  • Paint brushes, water container, paint containers (I use a plastic of paper plate or a plastic holder I got out of a pack of small yogurt tubs)
  • Half a paper plate per whale
  • A print out or cardboard of the flukes and flippers (you can use one flipper or trace another so there are two found here.
What to do:
  1. Cut out Flippers and Flukes
  2. Paint and decorate the paper plate whale body. Don't forget an eye and a big whale mouth. (We also discussed barnacles)
  3. Paint and decorate the flippers and flukes
  4. Glue the flippers and flukes to the body of the whale.

Mr T's whale

Mr E's whale (Mr Yr1)

Miss E's whale (Miss Yr4)

Mr R's whale (Mr Yr4) hat and all.

Miss S's whale (Miss Yr7) ready for a day out with a flowery hat.

Our pod of whales.


  1. What a fantastic project. Love Miss 7's comment. Think the whale with the hat is a hit.

  2. It is and the kids love doing it and love showing off what they have made. It has nothing to do with school work as all the kids are learning about different things so it means there is something they can work on together.


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