Saturday, 6 October 2012

MIA Again ... Sorry


I've done it again gone missing in action for far to long. I will get back to the whys at another time as at this point I am not sure what to write.

I had an early trip home for the holidays due to bad family news and although it was nice to start heading south early I really wish it hadn't been for that reason. I ended up getting all the way down to Sydney from the station via the Darling Downs and the Hunter Valley in NSW and then back home on the Darling Downs to spend my holidays with family. I think it is funny how I have so many homes ... there is HOME with my family the place that has that feeling of homecoming when you reach familiar landmarks. Then there is home where I live and work which amazingly and confusingly also creates that same feeling of home coming when I head north west and then hit the hours of dirt road. Then finally there is the home is where the heart is home that goes with both of these places and the people there as well as the times when I get to see Mr Sparky. Lots of homes. Lots of love. Lots of caring.

I also, as I arrived home, thought 'how ironic that I start my trip on a dirt road and finish it on a dirt road as well no matter which direction I am going between my two (physical) 'homes'.

'The Station' dirt road

Dirt road 'home'
This trip was a long one over 3000km because of that whole via Sydney part. It started on Saturday with me making it to the family home on the Darling Downs on Sunday. That part of the trip was a bit over 1000km. It was a great trip. I saw plenty of wildlife and snapped away. I may have added a bit extra time to the trip with all the photos but it was relaxing. I did consider doing it in one day (14hrs) but ended up splitting the trip anyway.

Wind making the fine, dry dirt drift.
I see you
Hard to believe this was burnt out last year as shown here in the first lot of fire photos

Hoof prints in the red sand.
A different type of 'hoof' print.
Taking flight ... sometimes patience is a virtue.
A brolga family
Playing in the wind
Rest time

Emu number 1 with chicks
Emu number 2 with chicks

Curious emu

Emu number 3 with chicks
Watch out!
I got to spend the Sunday afternoon at home catching up with the family and rearranging my packing (swapping some clothes to a smaller bag) then it was back in the car early Monday morning to head even further south, destination my Grandparents house, the Hunter Valley (approx 10hr trip, 800km). I don't think I have ever been so glad to exit a vehicle in my life when we arrived. I'm just glad I didn't have to drive that part, my trusty xtrail was left at home for R&R and instead I got to have an interesting chauffeur experience that was part of being one out of five people in a Jazz (surprisingly roomy really and very fuel efficient).

Crossing the border


Black cows


Tuesday I got to avoid cars where ever possible except for that quick trip to the shop for chips. Wednesday however saw us doing a round trip to Sydney from my Grandparents place (another 552km).


The A1 ... what a feat of engineering

The A1 on the way to Sydney cuts through the mountains.

A1 (National Highway 1)


Roads, roads, roads
Think Adam Harvey ... Rooty Hill RSL

Western suburbs of Sydney
Then Thursday we were back in the car heading home (800km). As much as I love watching changing landscapes during travels I would rather not spend that many days in a car so close together for a long time to come.

Heading North again

The Barrington Tops

I've seen these trees grow from when they were planted.

On top of the world ... view from Carsons Pioneer Lookout at the top of Thunderbolts Way


Sheering shed

Naked sheep

Oooh the Black Cows (Angus)

Crossing the border

But for now I am home and we are busily preparing for my sister's upcoming wedding. Exciting days ahead.

Note: I had written this post back in Sept but somehow I never got to posting it. Hmmm guess we have been busy. Well I guess that means I am now on the blog post catch up, or one, two, skip a few ... which ever works best.


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