Tuesday, 22 July 2014

4 Ingredients: Vanilla Slice

This is one I had sitting on the back burner for that day when I had not blogged in a while and needed to fill in the space or something like that. Basically it was done the same time as my last cooking post and I didn't want to do overkill on the foody blogging.
I had the urge for vanilla slice, or lattice slice or something like that. I wanted to eat some of that yummy, creamy, vanilla-eryness. Then up on Facebook popped a recipe for Easy Everyday Vanilla Slice from one of the 4 Ingredients cookbooks. Well I was naughty and I made it, just for me, just because.

 Now let me warn you that this is NOT and everyday slice as the title suggests, unless you wish to be the size of a house, but it is very tasty and creamy and just what I wanted.

You can find the recipe here. It is super simple and tasty. 
I used a square cake pan for it. It fit nicely, nine lattice biccies on the bottom and top (well okay there was a bit of room to spare but close enough). I also used Cottees pudding which is 100g and put the whole thing in.

 I am having a terrible problem with being a sweet tooth at the moment but am trying to work on not giving in to it. This was giving in to it and I may or may not have eaten the whole lot solo. Back to working on not being such a sweet tooth.


  1. Followed your link and am now printing out the recipe
    This looks so easy even I may be able to make it look like the picture. YUM

    1. It is very easy and possibly tasted better the next day. Just looking at it is making me want to go there again but with only me who will eat it that is a very bad idea.


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