Sunday, 6 July 2014

Yet Another Sunrise

This is from back on Tuesday, the first of July, JULY!!! UGH!
I was awake so went for an early morning walk. I can blame Mr Sparky for the awake part and pretend I wouldn't have been anyway, the problem with that scenario is that today, Sunday morning, I was awake before the sun then proceeded to do the sleep, awake, sleep, awake thing until around 9am. Since then I've been doing many loads of washing, blog catching up and well I have to admit I just watched Frozen for the first time, I might have to watch it again and not because I missed some falling asleep because I didn't.

Back to last Tuesday and my sunrise walk.

Pre sunrise out on the street.

There are drains or channels everywhere around Cairns to stop flooding and direct creeks.

Looking towards the city.

A sneaky between power pole and tree pic.

Sun between the roof tops.

The typical photo get in the way things.

Sun is up ... so am I.

An actual wintery looking tree.

My Memory Art


  1. NIce bW shots!

  2. These are beautiful!! Love all those birds silhouetted in the trees! Thanks for linking up.

    1. Thank you and thanks for coming by.

  3. Wonderful pictures! I love sunrises, the last time we went away I made sure I was up in time to watch, it is the most perfect time of the day

    1. Mr Sparky's work start time makes sure I am up every day although I used to be quite often anyway. Your right it is the perfect time of day and holidays mean it can be really savoured and enjoyed.


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