Sunday, 27 July 2014

Waterfall on the Edge of the City

This morning I probably didn't do the smartest thing considering the weather but I went off in search for a waterfall I had heard about. I have no idea what it is called but it is at the back of Edmonton, a southern suburb of Cairns which was once its own community.


Once the cement path ended I realised that my choice of footwear was maybe not the most sensible. Not being bothered I had just worn thongs, I had thought about joggers but that was as far as it got.

At the end of the path, well kind of end, there was a waterfall. Not a big one but it was a very pretty area. It was like being in the middle of a rainforest yet I knew that just a short walk away was suburbia. I had parked on a close and not walked that far at all.

After discarding my thongs and getting my feet wet I rethought my decision of footwear, it was a wise one. One thing that wasn't so wise however was not putting on insect repellent. This was mosquito haven and I think I will be paying for it over the next few days. Let me tell you a was swatting, slapping and swearing at mosquitoes like the best of them and still trying to take photos. You would think after living here over a year and a half I would know to put on the mozzie spray, EVERY TIME.

The sun came out for a bit, changing the scene, adding some light. It wasn't for long though. The clouds closed back up and I knew it would rain again soon. I kept wandering around though.

I did a little off track climbing to try and find a bit more waterfall.

I did but the mozzies were driving me nuts so a few snaps and I was headed out of there.

Back to the path, then back to the car. I think I timed it fairly well as the rain came down just as I was heading back out.


  1. What a gorgeous spot. I can hear the water, the birds and the peacefulness. Well worth going back to with the right footwear and some mozzie spray :)

    1. It is, like an oasis on the outer reaches of the city. I will definitely return, maybe during the wet when the waterfall is bigger. I won't forget mozzie spray again, I was scratching all week and had patches of me that were all bites, urgh.

  2. Very nice photos

    Will have to explore this one day.


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