Friday, 18 July 2014

Cairns Show 2014

Well I've done it, we've done it. We've been to Cairns Show for the first time and at $20 each to get in the gate it will probably be the last time as well. Cairns Show runs for three days with night entertainment and fireworks every night to finish it off. We went yesterday evening, the middle evening of the show.

Now one thing I discovered is that Mr Sparky likes to wizz around check it all out and then wants to get out. He is also of the opinion that the only time you go is at night. I on the other hand enjoy slowly wandering around and taking it all in. Taking some snaps of the really cool exhibits, sitting and watching events and generally enjoying it all. To be honest I never really appreciated all the ring events that much until I went west and had the time to sit, watch and learn. Before that I was usually helping with catering at the local show all day, also very interesting but leaving very little time for more than a quick walk around.

 Now I was pretty interested at what is on show at this fairly big city show where agriculture is brought to town, or something like that, and people can show their skills in many things. Fruit and veg was pretty limited and either I missed the giant pumpkins or they weren't there at all. My step dad/ father figure is a farmer, hence the family farm, and is seriously into growing veges of all varieties. He specially picks out ones for the local show and is a steward for that section as well (he organises all the entries and where they go etc). Sorry G you would have been disappointed by the variety, amount and dare I say the quality in some cases, not to say there weren't some great fruit and veg there. He is also into his pigs in a big way and I didn't find one on the grounds except for in the animal nursery. Sorry again G, nothing to report for you.

 Also in the produce pavilion were some very cool scarecrows and plenty of specimens of tropical plants. Some of the orchids were absolutely beautiful. Apologies for the lack of suitable pics as I said before Mr Sparky likes to speed around.

As the sun set people were rolling in ready to enjoy. It got more and more crowded as the evening went on. People coming after work, families getting in before people's day tomorrow when the crowds should really be in.

As we wandered around we found some of the best chips ever. Not sure if it was the seasoning or them being cooked in fresh, hot oil but boy they were good. Yep that was a highlight. We wandered in and out, sorry raced in and out, of other exhibits. There was pottery and painting as well as the school artworks.

There was also photography, one thing I wanted to check out. I did enter photos but didn't get anywhere against all that awesome photography equipment and skill on display. Think the best of Australian Geographic in quality, professional. I was a bit, okay a lot disappointed that I didn't achieve anything but then a lot of judging isn't just about rules but preference and the winnera were brilliant photos. Ah well, I guess I better get out and practice, experiment and take my time or even better just go and enjoy taking pics because I want to.

We went looking for livestock and found some cattle. There were some nice looking animals but numbers were slim. There were beef and dairy cattle on show and most were snoozing or enjoying their dinner when we went through.

The cattle and horses, on that note, would want to be pretty bomb proof as they are right on the edge of sideshow ally. That is where we wandered next, more looking for a way back out than anything as neither of us were interested in that part of the show even though up there with the food it would be the biggest part of the show.

We eventually got out of the noise and flashing lights and found some more animals on the other side of the showgrounds, more cattle being auctioned as well as goats that smelt like goats, then the birds and poultry. There were some very pretty chickens that we both liked the look of and a lot of noisy budgies. 
Much to Mr Sparky's delight we then found some boy toys that he drooled over. He was particularly taken by a very big Lucas mill. He has a smaller version and has now decided he needs an upgrade.

We then wandered through the heritage section looking at displays of old machines and vehicles. This was pretty interesting but I am sure better during the day when they have some working exhibits going.

When going back to find that yummy chip place again we came across the cooking and handicrafts, we had missed it last walk through somehow. There were cakes and biscuits, quilts and wine. If Mr Sparky was one to hang around I would have gone for the 20min cake decorating competition going on but he isn't. Mind you I am 100% sure I couldn't decorate anything like the one below in 20minutes. This one certainly has wow factor and a lot of creativity and talent involved, it also wasn't done in 20min I am sure.

 Munching away on those chips we found some painted horses (those chips were just so good the first time we had to try more to check). The horse were something to do with The Cairns Post newspaper and schools. I think it was linked to the Year of the Family Farmer as well. Some were just amazing.

Being the north I was wondering where the sugar cane was. We found it somewhere in the middle. I am interested in how they judge things, what makes it quality and what they are looking for.Mr Sparky despite his experience hauling cane could shed no light on this but he did pick that some of the cane was more than likely older cane, 2nd year or stand over cane. It had roots coming off the bottom of it. There were a few newer types of cane that he had never worked with before.

After another wander around and Mr Sparky being kept happy with a coffee we found a seat on a grandstand and sat back to relax for a while. We were hanging around for the fireworks at my insistence. Mr Sparky was not the happiest with this idea hence him being fed coffee.

There were dancers from some of the school, cue eye rolling and sighing for Mr Sparky, but then the motor bikes and utes came out. He was impressed. They were crazy and I am sure there are now many little and big boys in the crowd (possibly girls too) wanting to be like that.

We then watch a performance by Tjapuka, some aboriginal dancing and music. They then did a fire lighting which started off the fireworks.

I am so glad I was pushy and insisted on hanging around. We both enjoyed the entertainment and most of all the fireworks.


  1. Nice nighttime shots of the carnival rides and fireworks.

  2. My Dad always grew the big pumpkins for the local show. One year he had a huge one in the paddock by the road but one night prior to the show it mysteriously disappeared. Nothing like a bit of rural competitiveness.

    1. Mystery of the missing pumpkin. Mind you it would be hard to hide. My step dad also grows the giant cattle pumpkins. His are in a secrert spot though. It is amazing how competitive a community can be. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Well obviously the judges doing the photography don't know how much your amazing photography means to all of us that read your blog.
    Like the look of the scarecrows and quilts.
    Nothing better than the exhibits at a show.

    1. Thanks for that Jacana, those that won were fabulous photos. The quilts look like there was a lot of work in them and the scarecrows were rather cute. I love seeing what people have made.

  4. I love that last shot - it's like it's in a movie (some sort of David Lynch or something)

    1. Thanks. I enjoyed catching the light in different forms, a bit of a challenge.


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