Sunday, 6 July 2014

A huge week!

Honesty, I like it. What is the point of someone saying you are looking good, come to think of it what is the point of saying you are 'good', when you feel like your eyes are about to fall out of your head, your hands don't work like yours and you are drooping miserably. 

Monday morning view from Nova, clear sky, cool wind.
That is me right now, the over tired, drooping one. At my night fill job we are often brutally honest with each other, we are all in the same boat. We aren't mean, just truthful. There is nothing like doing the 'how are you' routine and giving a truthful answer. The most regular answer is 'better if I wasn't here' and that can cover a multitude of things such as tiredness, missing out of family time, etc, etc. What is even better is when you make comments on others sounding and looking better when they have been under the weather and over tired recently only to have them turn around and say 'well you are looking ready to pass out'. Thanks, at least I know I am looking like I feel (by the way my answer was that I could fall asleep in the middle of aisle). The good thing about looking as tired as you feel is that people know you are, especially the person in charge and they tend to be a little more, well, less, if that makes any sense.

Good morning Cairns.

I work four nights a week, or more if required. This week has turned into a or more which I really didn't feel like due to the above looking like the walking zombie thing (I guess the makeup from my day job covered multitudes until I didn't wear it last night). This week I have been back at Nova which just happened to line up with the busiest part of my roster. Always seems to happen. Always leaves me feeling like I've been run over by a bus. Working 9-5 then 7-11 and with a pre 6am wake up for Mr Sparky's work day does that. I've worked Thur night, Fri night, Sat night, Mon day, Mon night, Tue night, Wed day, Wed night, Fri day, Fri night and as an added bonus Sat night. Did I mention I don't sleep well during the day, if at all. It is time like this my weird brain goes 'please let any children we have be good night sleepers, please, please, please'. I love sleep, always have, ask my mother. Me without sleep is not nice, I turn into an awful person. Ask Mr Sparky. I need a new job. I'm working on it.

A busy afternoon at the Lagoon, walking tour.

Anyway, otherwise it has been a good week. It is so nice to have Nova back on. We have a beautiful group of students, a nice mix. We've also been getting some Cairns winter with mostly clear days, nippy mornings and a cold wind dropping by to remind us of ice down south but a hot sun to remind us it is the north.

Monday morning orientation.

Mountains looking textured in the afternoon sun.

Escaping our cold office for some warm sun after lunch, Wednesday.

Some new residents at the Wildlife Dome, small birds, Wednesday.

A wet Friday morning.

A good start to Friday.

Our Aussie afternoon tea, mini pavlovas and lamingtons with billy tea.

A lovely Friday afternoon.


  1. Hope you get that well deserved sleep soon.

    1. Thanks, I am still waiting on it as day time sleeps haven't been very effective.

  2. The joys of work, I did the day and night job thing once too and it is awful and to be honest, there is nothing anyone can say to make it better. I think when I finally left the night job, that was one of the best nights of my life!

  3. Yes the joys of work. If could be one big holiday and money grew on trees. Actually I'd get a bit bored or antisocial I think. I had some time off my night job recently, oh how nice that was. I can only imagine how much you loved your last night and appreciated not working nights after that.


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