Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Farmer for a Weekend

On the weekend we had the blissful duty  of farm sitting for the lovely couple who live across the road from Mr Sparky's parents on the tablelands. Now although Mr Sparky's family are still in the dairy game this farm no longer is instead they raise a mixed herd of beef cattle with breeds from Herefords (think the red and white cattle from The Man from Snowy River) to Devons which happen to have come from the property I worked on for the last few years, fancy that for a coincidence.

Can you spot the old dairy on the top of the hill. Mr Sparky took great pride in regaling me with tales of him working in this very dairy explaining the chaos caused when cows when through into the room with the milk vat instead of back out.

The view from inside the dairy, what a hardship.

The views from the top of the hill where the house, dairy and road through is are spectacular. It looks straight down to a river flat and you can see forever it seems to mountains in the distance. The lush green just goes on forever melding into the trees and beyond. Even though the land is mostly cleared for farming the forest is fighting back always with ferns growing among the grass and scrub reclaiming cleared grassland. It really was like being on top of the world. I took photo after photo amazed at the immensity of it all and how small we are.

Can you see the dam squished between the hills?


In the afternoon I could see the cows come up to be milked on the farm across the road (Mr Sparky's parents' dairy) between a break in the trees

While there we checked waters and cattle, looked after the garden and fed the animals.

While watering the garden the afternoon sun hit the water just right creating a rainbow over the veges.

Here are some of the animals we cared for.

I am going to spread this out and put up another post of two of this lovely, green oasis.
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  1. That looks like paradise. I would never have been able to leave. When you say tablelands do you mean Atherton?

  2. Sorry - yes - I see you do mean Atherton tablelands. I have wanted to visit that part of the world for ages but whenever we are in FNQ we never seem to be able to fit it in. You've inspired me to try harder, though.

  3. Hi Twirlingbetty, Yes it is the Atherton Tablelands, around here it is just refered to as The Tablelands. You should visit it. It is not only unbelievably green but there are so many waterfalls and sights to see. I put up some photos of the things I visited last year here

    You are right it is paradise.

  4. Hello!! I adore the tablelands too - been too long since I was up there. You might want to check out my place - a little prize waiting for you!!



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