Thursday, 14 March 2013

Out and About with the Birds

It seems to me that the Cockatoos are out in abundance in Cairns at the moment. You can hear them squawking and carrying on throughout the day, mostly in the mornings.  I don't know what has captured their fancy maybe it is the fruit ripening on some trees, the berries of palms, the flowers, who knows. What I do know is that I am loving hearing them and catching the odd sighting of them before they fly off to a new tree or a better feed.

While delivering catalogues in the rain early on Tuesday morning I got the greatest opportunities to take a gazillion photos of some fellows sitting in the top of a rather devastated looking palm. Other than throwing me the odd look they happily sat, preened, squawked and ate away well until someone on their bike came past.

Then down another road I parked my car ready to grab yet another pile of catalogues and deliver them and heard delightful singing and chirping from close by. Unknown to me I had parked my car right under this delightful and bright little fella.

Going by his colouring I am guessing he is a 'him' rather than 'her' but what bird he is I'm not sure. He was a tiny thing like a wren or sparrow but had a longer, curvier beak and a pretty song to sing.

He sat around for a while sharing his cheeriness and allowing for photos.

Then on this same street, there they were again, those cockatoos or more cockatoos, having a grand old time.

They were cruising around on the grass looking for tasty things before taking for the trees and quite happily hanging around for the camera. They are gorgeous birds.

Like any parrot I have seen including budgies (pet ones mainly) they have the funniest expressions making them look very intelligent (which they are) like tilting their heads, sometimes giving the 'What you looking at' impression and showing through bird body language when something has caught their attention.

Most however where quite happily grooming themselves and their mates up among the wet leaves.

"Need a helping beak their mate?"

There seems to be so much bird life here which I love because I don't think I could handle not having their noisiness around.
What birds have you seen around the ridges near your place?

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  1. We have lots of cockies around the gum trees at our place, talking to each other. They make a hell of a noise. I don't mind the noise too much, as long as they don't leave 'presents' on the washing. Recently we've had green parrots in the red flowering gums and yes probably stealing fruit from the trees!

  2. Thanks for linking in today.

    What amazing photos - my favourite the last one. Nothing better than the sound of birds, hence why I have bird feeders in the backyard.


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