Thursday, 14 March 2013

Happy Birthday!

Last Saturday Mr Sparky decided on our way up the Gillies Range to throw a surprise 18th Birthday party for his sister, Miss A. Not only that but we were going to have it down at the Beatrice River, their favourite swimming place. Wanting to go all out we did a quick run through the cheap shop in Atherton for balloons, string, plastic wear and an 18th Birthday banner. Then it was a run through IGA for some meat ... a family pack of sausages which kept us fed in style all weekend, some steak, rissoles, bread, onions and of cause a cake (gee if I'd know we were going the day before I would have made one, ah well). Miss A was contacted and told to get down the river for a BBQ, bring a BBQ plate, the boys and anything else we will need. Apparently we didn't need tongs or a knife but we made do, Mr Sparky's stanley knife from his tool pouch came in handy.

Things just fell into place and it even managed to stay mostly fine despite the rain around the area, although at one point we did quickly erect a tarp ... lucky we had one in the car along with scissors and electrical tape (can you spot where Mr Sparky's staple item came in handy?). It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon and I even braved the nippy waters, jumping in with Mr Sparky for a swim. Later on he confessed that he didn't expect me to get in. He he I showed him there, guess he forgot I'm a water baby. Definitely refreshing but not too bad.


Have you ever thrown an impromptu party?
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  1. Very interesting and yes I have for the party, I did it on the side of the road in the snow with friends

  2. Have only ever thrown a suprise party or two.
    What a great place for a relaxing time. Just paradise.


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