Thursday, 7 March 2013

Finding my 'Patch'

This Thursday I am absolutely loving finding my 'patch' in our living area and making it mine temporarily ... 'mine' meaning spreading my crafting crap everywhere, on any surface available that is within a tolerable moving distance from where I am working (there is more stuff outside the above photo). You get the picture. This is something I haven't really been all that game to do especially knowing I'll have to pick it all up at some stage 'ugh'.

I am also loving delving into my creative side as well as the sense of achievement and pride I get from making up a small project that I am very happy with.
This card is to celebrate a cousin's engagement.

Much better than housework.


  1. There is something very special and satisfying about making something beautiful and especially if it is for someone else :) Good job!

  2. Thanks for linking in today for Totally Thursday.

    Not only a great photographer but also very crafty. Great looking card. I have a friend that makes home made cards and they mean so much more than a store brought one.

  3. Oh yes, so much more fun than housework! Beautiful card that will be treasured.

  4. Thanks. Yes I do enjoy making cards for somehwere else and I hope they appreciate them and the thought behind them.

  5. I think you could start doing wedding invites in the side! Beautiful cars

  6. Thanks Rural Dreaming ... hmmm now that is an idea.


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