Sunday, 3 March 2013

Yorkey's Knob

What a way to spend a quiet Sunday morning. 
First I headed out to check out the markets at Smithfield Shopping Centre where there were lots of tropical plants and cute things on show. Then on the way back home I took an impromptu stop into Yorkey's Knob beach to check it out. So peaceful and pretty, darn I wish I'd brought my swimmers with.

Stinger and crocodile warning sign.

The very typical vinegar bottle on the beach for those nasty stingers.

Sitting in the sand waiting for the waves to tickle my toes.

Ahhh ... oops got wet.

No swimming outside the nets ... stinger season.

The stinger nets for safe and hopefully stinger free swimming.

Cane farms right up to the town.
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  1. Sitting in 30 degrees and wishing I was at this beach. Amazing photos

  2. It was pretty hot out on the beach .. I may have got sunburnt during my very short visit as I wasn't at all prepared for beach going. Being so close I might have to head back there again soon.


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