Friday, 3 May 2013

Down in the Garden

Imagine a jungle ... thinking of one?
Now imagine pulling the jungle out by hand.
Yep that is some massive weeding.
Here is a section of the garden after we had started. So imagine the whole garden looked like this and worse.
Weeds grow well like weeds on the Tablelands and a pretty hard to stay on top of especially if they are only looked at once a week or fortnight. Just to clarify this is the vege garden on the Dairy Farm which is around triple the size of our back yard in Cairns
After some hard weeding we ended up with a pile of weeds and a garden looking like it does below.
Then after a bit more work finishing off the lighter weeded end the garden was looking owned, cared for and like somewhere that veges might have a chance of surviving.
Then of cause I got sidetracked before, during and after weeding by some little things in the garden.
Don't you just love the satisfaction of seeing a job completed?
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  1. Yes, I'm good at that sort of garden. Always feels good after the weeding and we can enjoy looking at the fruits of our labour for a little while. Then we often 'grow' our garden again for a bit! Enjoyed your post! Barb

  2. Thanks Barb, I believe this part of the garden has now had more planted in it and is being taken over by cucumbers and other veges and undoubtedly the weeds again.

  3. Good job on the weeding I hope after all that work who ever planted the next lot of Vegies put hay on the ground to help stop weeds coming back.


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