Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Fluffy Omelette

 Another of Mr Sparky's favourites is omelettes but not just any omelet ... fluffy omelette. Having this for breakfast seems to be our special Saturday thing and not only that but sometimes he will make it. He just hates separating the eggs. He even experimented with cooking one in the oven which was surprisingly a success but as Mr Sparky decreed maybe next time it would work better if the oven was hot first.

What you need:

Anything else you want to put in like cheese, bacon, tomato, capsicum (these are our staple ingredients)

What to do:

1. Chop up everything ... except the eggs. It is better if all the ingredients to be added are ready to go when the egg whites are done.

2. Separate the desired number of eggs putting the whites in a clean and non oily mixing bowl and the yolks somewhere else to use in a bit. Make sure there is no yolk in with the whites if unsure about doing this it is sometimes good to separate the white from the egg into a cup and then add it into the bowl, one at a time.


3. Beat the whites until stiff which means beat them til they hold their shape or when the top is touched by something that is then taken away it leaves a peak or a little egg white mountain in your fluffy terrain.


4. Add all the remaining ingredients including the egg yolks to the egg whites and mix it all in.


5. Pour into a warm fry pan. I have worked out they cook better really slow so it will take some patience. When the omelette feels solid (no egg sticks to your finger) it is ready. Serve it up.

6. Dish it up and eat. Yummy and healthy ;)

Woops sorry we were hungry and I forgot a cooked photo. The bottom should be golden brown. You can flip it if you want, I just fold it in half.

Note: If you get sidetracked after beating the whites and there are no other ingredients in with them and the whites start to separate (liquid at the bottom, fluff on top) don't worry, just beat them up again.
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  1. Sounds yummy. We usually do eggs on the weekend as well, but I have never thought to separate the eggs before as you have done. Will have to give it a go this weekend I can image just how fluffy they will be.

  2. Enjoy it ... just don't mix too much after ingredients are added. We had fluffy omelette for breakfst this morning with herbs from the garden ... yum! Let me know how it goes and what you put in it :)


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