Monday, 13 May 2013

Drips, Drops and a Frame

The Tablelands is very soggy at the moment and after it clears up for a couple of weeks (the local farmers have their fingers crossed, everything crossed for that) it is going to be a very wet winter according to forecasts. I can only hope others who need it get a wet one to. I know The Station is certainly in need of it with much of North and Western QLD missing out on their wet season. There are some record sales going on around various areas but not records for what price the animals are going for, that isn't so great, but records for numbers booked into the sale yards. Stations are having to sell to enable select stock to survive the usually drier months of winter. As I said for them let us hope it is a wet one.
The Tablelands is another matter with some farmers needing it to stay dry so their calves can dry out and survive and so they can harvest their crops and dry hay. For instance the farm I babysat at are trying the harvest peanuts but every day it stays wet and they stay in the ground or on the ground is another day they loose goodness and quality risking diseases. Then there is the fact that they want to make peanut hay from the plant and that requires dry weather for the harvested plant to dry.
So there you go lack of rain or too much rain makes the farming game a challenge. Agriculture certainly is a gamble, relying on the weather, and at the moment it doesn't seem to be going their way.
Here are some very drippy, droppy photos as the title implies ...
This is the view from a house we went to visit on the weekend near Ravenshoe. I think I envy their view ... do you?
Last but not least do you remember that sneak peak of a frame in the making? Well this weekend it was worked on a little more. We had to wait until we went back to the farm to do this. Mr Sparky cleaned it up a bit ready to varnish and then coated it well. Other than the glass and backing it is all ready to hang now and Mr Sparky has chosen the photo he wants to take pride of place within this frame. I'll share when it is all together. Now just where to put it.
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  1. I am a Country Girl at heart and I LOVE looking at all your photos every time, you capture the beauty of the country so perfectly.

  2. Thanks Rural Dreaming ... I love country life and all that goes with and miss it a lot.


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