Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Willy Comes to Visit

This afternoon Mr Willy Wagtail came to visit, well I guess he could have been a she, a Mrs Willy Wagtail, but I just see them as Mr rather than Mrs. Maybe it is the whole WILLY Wagtail thing, Willy isn't a girly name at all. Yep rambling I am. Anyway Mr Willy Wagtail came to visit us this afternoon, in the rain. I'm not too sure he was all that impressed by it as he kept darting under the cover near the back door and under the patio next door. Mind you it was a chilly rain and rather heavy so I don't think I'd have been all that impressed either despite my love of wet weather. He wasn't quite brave enough to stay under the shelter with those scary two legged humans around however. Poor Mr Willy Wagtail. Hopefully he discovered a warm dry place for the night. I'll stop rambling now and leave you with photos of our very active Willy Wagtail visitor.

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  1. There is something so satisfying as standing out in the rain every now and then, Mr Willy Wagtail looks very content :)

  2. I love going out in the rain and secretly I still want to jump in puddles and play in the mud.

  3. Amazing photos of him - yes I agree with you Willy is a boys name, I also consider them all to be male. Does make one wonder thou - perhaps some of them are Willamena's.

  4. I never thought of them being Willamena ... well lets just hope they don't get offended by being considered male.


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