Monday, 20 May 2013

Sunrise over the Corn

 This weekend just gone we headed up to the Tablelands again, this time a little earlier than usual as we went up Friday evening. We headed straight to Mr Sparky's mate's place as we had a very important delivery for him ... a generator for one of the walking irrigators (no they don't walk as such but are programed to move at a certain times on wheels). We had to get there early enough for him to put everything back together before his mate and family headed off for the weekend so we made a night of it with rum, chips, chatting and nail polish. Sounds interesting doesn't it. I got may nails done by a 3yr old with bright orange nail polish (her choice) and then was given a pedicure by a 12yr old who then refashioned my toes nails with pink and blue nail polish. It was fun and probably something I haven't done since I was around her age. 

The next morning Mr Sparky and I were up early so while he fiddled with the generator I fiddled with my camera taking photos of the farm and more importantly the corn or maize which is for animal feed and will be dried on the stalk in the paddock before harvest. Later on we headed into town to watch Mr Sparky's mate's eldest son play football. This is where my still orange finger nails fitted in perfectly with their team colours.

In the front of this photo are potatoes growing.

Grab button for one mother hen

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous pics - what a lovely corner of the world you are living in!

  2. Thanks Ann and Janet ... it is a beautiful area especially with the foggy mornings up there at this time of year.

  3. Wonderful photos. I love sunrise in the country, the colours, the crisp air. That last photo is amazing :)

  4. Lovely pictures, shame that you didn't include your nails :)


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