Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A Sparkly Sunrise

A sparkly sunrise from the weekend.















 photo 40858d48-a140-4bd2-baee-1d9d02f7b341_zpsb4b27c00.jpg
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  1. The water drops on the web make truly amazing photos!

  2. I love those jewells hanging on the barb wire - so ying and yang.
    And beautiful light.
    Have a great week, and thank you for stopping by my blog today.

  3. Hi Sharon, I have being dying to take more water droplet photos so I was glad that the weather suited me this weekend. Thanks for you comment.

  4. Hi Jill, I love the contrast too, the softness and delicateness contrasted with the hard and pointy. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your comments.

  5. Hi there - welcome aboard the good ship "Paying Ready Attention"! If you have time, you may enjoy my other blog as well, more words, less pictures.

    I really like the barbed wire shots - they are a good way to frame the sky.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: it would be wonderful if you de-acivated the word verification thing - Blogger seems to be good at picking up spam - of course this is only a suggestion!

  6. Hi Stewart, Thanks for dropping by and thanks for you comments. I like putting barbed wire in a photo for some reason. I'll check out your other blog, thanks.
    Also thanks for the note about deactivating word verification, it annoys me to and never knew I could. All done.

  7. Wow, such wonderful captures.. especially the dew drops on the web, awesome...

  8. Hi Meghana, Thank you for dropping by and thank you for your comments. I love the look of droplets on a cobweb in the morning sun. Thanks


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